27 June 2006

All I need is your love Papa

As I sit here and think About all that You've done
About how You gave me Your one and only Son
And I'm trying to fathom All that You are, but so far, Lord
You're so beyond me

And I'm asking You, Lord, won't You please draw near
Won't You open my eyes So that I can see
The way that You are working in me

All I need is Your love
To come and fill this heart of mine

And I lay down my life And I put it before You
All that I am is in Your hands

Let the glory be known
let the glory be shown

26 June 2006

Thirsty for God

I like heart-wrenching stuff :-) Passion. Honesty. Truth. This is Shawn McDonald's "I am nothing"

"Shawn consistently refuses the easy way out in life, art, or theology. Instead, hope, redemption and worship are discovered in the context of real searching, struggling, questioning, and pain. "Honesty is huge," Shawn explains. "That's what I think people connect with in my concerts. I get up there and I talk about my life and my struggles and my experiences, good and bad. I sing and talk about it all. I talk about the grime of life. I can't understand a version of Christianity that would deny all that. How can we have a true picture of what grace is if we don't admit our own sin and brokenness?"

A yearn for a deeper experience of divine relationship is always answered. What can be filled if there isn't a thirst first? Facing reality and the TRUTH about things sets us free. It sets a man free.

"The theme that comes across the most in this project is my need of God," Shawn says. I can't get away from the fact that we need more than ourselves."

The whole biography where I took these bits out of can be found in here

24 June 2006

Walking on water

I'm a surfah girl! (Wish had a pic to add in here) My tune this morning (morning Mims?) Paul Wright's Surfah Girl
She wakes up and takes up her surfboard heads out out
from the seashore and from the world in where she lives.
She's got no fears or worries at all right there just
the smell of salt water that's in the air and the sunrise.

She's walking on water, she's walking on water

That's me :) The rest of the lyrics are here. Soon we are heading off to Keuruu
for some more midsummer celebrations, heading off to the sun..
So must bid you farewell - Be Well & Merry!

22 June 2006

Outta Here

RELIENT K - "Be My Escape"

19 June 2006


Reality Bites soundtrack is perfect for this morning! Wish I could put the songs play here but can't :( Its just so feeeeel goooood music. At least the Squeeze song I was listening to. Put it playing first thing in the morning. So anyways, I am off for a week! Yey!! And the sun in SHINING!! BLUE SKY!! (Blue sky is one of my favorite things) The weather's awesome. Yesterday this little bundle received a name - her name is Eerika! I will put up some pics later from the party we had for her as soon as I get them from my brother. I was like a mad photographer I tell ya! ;-) And so was the little bundles's big sister too. (She comes after her aunt in many things) Then afterwards went to the beach to meet up with peeps, and we hang out by the jetty just sitting in the sun by the water..oooh I tell you it was lovely! (self mark- most of it anway..) And played some volley. Love that.

I dunno whether its he fact that im on holiday or what, but suddenly after a really long time I feel like I'd like to go somewhere, like travel! I havent felt like doing that for awhile. But right now, I would love a wee 4-day city holiday somewhere in Europe. Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin, anywhere really. Oooooooooooh. Well, am dreaming of it. When am able to dream, feel alive! ITs so important. Im glad I am back to my normal self. It felt weird not feeling like travelling!! Hehee.

P.S. Been also listening to RELIENT K .. check it out! Especially the song "Be My Escape" Love it! "Who I am hates who I've been" is pretty good as well. Soooo the music for this summer's day! Actually I have already mentioned two different here, and am sure I could think of much more music to listen to. Think I will be off to enjoy the music and sunshine just now.

May your day be filled with love!!
Be Blessed
Much Love, Mim xx

10 June 2006

Real love

"Real love is much more than a rush of feelings: it's about caring deeply about each other and being concerned about the welfare of the other. This is what love is. Real love is a decision to seek the good of another. The good of someone else, other than me. Real love
is a companion
and walks beside you."

Ah it's summer here! Sunshine blue sky and absolutely gorgeous weather. Must head out - will soon miss meeting! Im thankful for the many people in my life, the friends I've been given. So many people. But you know who you are, I love you! and Sade and Petra, been great talking with ya this week..Love yous. You are in my heart <3

07 June 2006


Ahh. I absolutely love having a buzzling house! (People coming and going, phone ringing, active house!) I LOVE people!!! Community is the word!! So today has been great again. First of all, after I finished work I stayed for a wee bit and listened to the yellow WoW Worship cd (..all good songs, really a good cd to own), and read a wee bit of a Cindy Jacobs book (Women of Destiny). Then got home, and Minna came round, soon to be followed by Maiju, who came a bit early for the meeting she came to, and we managed to chat a wee bit. Oh yeah, the worship team Leena is in, is meeting here as we speak at the other end of the house. So, as Leena has this meeting, more people followed. then Cheryl called. and Nanja. And Aikku. then Nanja came over to pick up Minna for some McFlurries, and they were maybe to come back but seems they ended up elsewhere. Aaahhh so that's the last half a day or quarter or something of a day in my life. Also, was asked to be one of the youth camp leaders - shall maybe do that.

Hahaa, the girls just came back with their McFlurries. Nice! Must go. Bbye. :-)

06 June 2006

Alien in Thy Midst

Noomi said to me on saturday that as she saw us worship, she thought I looked and seemed English! That I look and feel different from all the other Finnish people around there. Peeps, Im an ALIEN! Haha. Nah, I think Im meant to be here just now. Though the UK does draws me too..love it.. It is home away from home. Do not ask me, I dunno why! (God only does!)

And I
do miss singing English worship songs, not so many at church these days anymore..And miss an English-speaking church in general. Somebody please start an international church in Lahti?!?

Also saw Aikku's band
Prosten play/worship on saturday as well..They are really really really gooooooood. SO enjoyed it. Think we (about 10 of us went) all did. Check out Prosten here.

02 June 2006

Being original

I thank God for today! It's been a really nice day. Had a really good conversation with K. (as I always do) which encouraged me, and Im sure Im again a wee bit more sure and stronger with my own thoughts and views. I was strengthened. You know, God wants you to think with your brain. There is a reason he gave it to you.He wants you to use it. Im sure He loves to see us discovering things! He doesnt want us to just copy others, but to be our unique original selves. Don't let anyone manipulate you, but listen to your own heart, what is God speaking to you in there. Like I wrote on my myspace, I think it's really important for each one of us to listen to our hearts, and to stay connected to our inmost being. I believe God created us all unique.. and He wants to be in a relationship with us. He likes to listen to what we think and to hear what we says. He's interested in my thoughts on whatever it be.

Wow, He actually created us all unique! No more of trying to fit in to something you are not! Don't! He wants you to be YOU !!!!!!!!! And to live in freedom, and not under slavery.

Tomorrow we are leading worship. Looking forward to it!! Off to bed now, little sis's "Kevätjuhla"
at half eight in the morning. Would've said that in English, but have no clue how to say it,its the end of school spring thing -school holidays start tomorrow..They get their marks, and theres speeches and singing etc. you get the idea? Yey, get to dress up.. :-)

Sees yous!