16 May 2009

Eurovision time!

It's Eurovision night again! I thought I'd post my most memorable songs.

First my utmost favourite, Ireland 1996 Eimear Quinn & "The Voice":

I even found the single for this back in '97 and can sing it heart out.

Poland 1997. Anna Maria Jopek "Ale Jestem" (The lyrics were really nice, though I don't the Polish ones understand, but we had the subtitles..)

There's been some other good ones (let's face it most of it is pretty camp!) but those have stayed with me the most. There were quite a few yrs I didn't watch it at all...

This is my absolute Finnish favourite though ;-)

(Vicky Rosti and "Sata Salamaa"..means hundred lightnings... :))

PS. Check out the outfits of these girls ;) Oh yes, Finland has certainly sent some "good" music over the yrs...

09 May 2009

Mighty to Save

In Finland just now. This song reminds me of Glasgow and makes me miss people and all back home there! And I've only been gone a few days. Hehe :-)

I didn't know that this girl also was the one who wrote Indescribable!