28 May 2010

to where you are

Isn't it interesting what kind of images you sometimes get when you google something? Well, I was googling for this song by Josh Groban, and when these images came up, I couldn't resist but to share and put them here. Love this first one especially!

It says freedom and happyness doesn't it!

this one's from Nepal I think.

By the way, I used to absolutely dislike Josh Groban. Back in 2003 I detested it when my flatmate listened to his music. Well, then some years later (2006) another friend introduced me to the album Awake and I was sold. Now he is one of my favourites, isn't it funny how we change over time. Nowadays I can even listen to those songs I considered soapy over seven years ago :)

Tomorrow I will be here (working).

At the moment I am translating this amazing article into Finnish.

*Images from here (1) and here (2)