23 February 2007

I've got... Milk!

This is amazing, check it out - I've got my own milk!! Haha! Apparentily they have this brand of milk in Portugal. (Maybe this is my first of many. Keep following the life and adventures of mimou!)

They even have a website. It's pretty cool I think. Now I definitely know I should learn more portuguese! (it's a beautiful language, and one of those languages I've been wanting to learn). Lately I've been into following all these different lifestyle programmes..decorating & food ones, like Nigella's..& a nice Finnish one. Pretty enjoyable those. (Though nothing beats Jamie Oliver!) Also following a bit more some talk shows, and the politics, as we've got the parliamentary elections by the door (in March). Oh, while we are on that topic, check this out! Eero eduskuntaan! First person I actually know personally to run! Päivi Räsänen's page is pretty good too.. Anywhoo, I better hit the road as I'm already late for Jaakko's going away party. (He's moving to Barcelona, permanent job there! Woohoo, isn't that neat!!) I'm pretty happy for him for that new twist in his life! ..heh, while waiting for my own twists :-) Thanks be to Jaakko for that photograph too btw. Ok ,so must be off now. Bless you all! God be with You! May His Presence follow you all your days.. Much love, Mims as always. x

PS Listening to: Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway"

06 February 2007

another mimo poem



learning cu

Very original, I know, I'm a natural talent you see. :-)