12 November 2012

We're worth it

This video has 40 million hits on youtube, can't be wrong :-) Go Jason! Love it. It's my attitude towards life.

And when you're needing your space
To do some navigating 
I'll be here patiently waiting
To see what you find

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make
Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use the tools and gifts
We got Yeah, we got a lot at stake

I won't give up on us
God knows I'm tough, He knows
(I am tough, I am loved)
We've got a lot to learn
(We are alive, We are loved)

God knows we're worth it
(And were worth it)

I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get roughI'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up.

I'm still looking up.

Know who you are

Know who you are, and you don't have to bend [read: people please] at each and every corner. But you can stand tall, and be who you are.

So word for today is: boldness. Boldly be [who you were created to be] yourself!

28 October 2012


Today with some peeps that are very very dear to me

Oh yes we had fun :) (we always do)

We got first snow here on Friday. It's winter already! :/ Good to remind myself of these Summer daze...

 Do you even remember it being like this?

With cousins in Sweden. And barbecue! Lots of barbie food.

My cousin's son's first take on their piano. He chose "Candle in the Wind" from the song book :-)

Happy together

and Don't forget this!

14 October 2012


My beautiful little sister :)

She lives and studies at University in Helsinki now. 

Friday eve
Saturday coffee in Lahti

Two people dear to my heart. and FUN. They are both FUN! to be around. I'm lucky. 

Not our best shot :)

Still a bit tired from the week! Lovely day on Saturday though.
Time to go out!

01 October 2012

[[Just the way you are]]

I decided to be away from Facebook for a month, for October  - who knows maybe I'll end up blogging more? ;-)

Happy October!

11 September 2012

Where you are

Where you are, I wanna be
It's your love that has changed me
I'd give the world, and all it's charms
For a moment in your arms
Better is one day with you
Than a thousand elsewhere       
A thousand elsewhere

I still remember what it felt like before you
I'm grateful every day for how things have changed

I'll thank you every way I can
'Cos my life only began
When I heard you call my name      

08 August 2012

< 3

Reason (I guess) I've been blogging a bit less ;)

03 July 2012

He took my place

Arrested by your truth and righteousness,
Your grace has overwhelmed my brokenness

Convicted by your spirit, led by your word,
Your love will never fail, your love will never fail

´Cause I know you gave the world
Your only son for us
To know your name
To live within the saviours love

and He took my place
Knowing He´d be crucified
And You loved, You loved
A people undeserving

26 June 2012

We need your Presence

like water to our souls

this was beautiful. love it.

03 June 2012

I'll be your river

If you're lookin' for the big adventure,
And gold is all that's on your mind,
If you want someone to take your picture,
Then I won't waste your time

See maybe I'm too quiet for ya,
You probably never noticed me,
But if you're too big to follow rivers,
How you ever gonna find the sea

So follow me, I'll be your river river,
I'll do the running for ya, follow me,
I'll be your river river, I'll move the mountains for
Follow me, I'll be your river river,
I'm here to keep you floating, follow me,
I'll be your river river, river river, yea

If all you want are answers to your questions,
And you can't seem to find no love for free,
If you're lookin' for the right direction,
Then darling look for me

See, I can make the load much lighter,
I just need you to confide in me,

But if you're too proud to follow rivers,
How are you ever gonna find the sea

So follow me, I'll be your river river, yea
I'll do the running for ya, follow me,
I'll be your river river, yea, I'll move the mountains
for ya,
Follow me, I'll be your river river,
I'm here to keep you floating, follow me,
I'll be your river river, river river yea

wherever youre standing i'll be by your side, through the good through the bad i'll never be hard to
i said wherever your standing i'll be by your side
through the good through the bad i'll never be hard to

So follow me, I'll be your river river, yea
I'll do the running for ya, follow me,
I'll be your river river, yea, I'll move the mountains
for ya,
Follow me, I'll be your river river,
I'm here to keep you floating, follow me,
I'll be your river river, river river yea

i said wherever your standing ill be by your side
through the good through the bad ill never be hard to

24 May 2012

Some Twitter links

Besides the Joyce Meyer mentioned in my last post from yesterday, here's some other good Twitter feeds:

RELEVANT Magazine really useful links to their articles! Always realise what they publish through this Twitter site.

24-7 Prayer  Really one of the best besides Joyce and Relevant Magazine!
24-7 Prayer Alerts: Urgent calls to prayer from around the world. As news stories hit the headlines we get on our knees and pray grace, mercy, peace, justice and love. 

Pete Greig  International Prayer Champion. Founder and leader of 24-7 Prayer

Christine Caine  passionate advocate of truth, justice & peace.

Brian Heasley Has been changing lives and working miracles, praying for thousands of people with his team (and with his  family) in Ibiza, and driving people to their hotel or if needed hospital in what they call the "Vomit Van". All I can say is respect! Brian and his family are returning to the UK this summer. 

 C.S Lewis (yes he tweets! ;))

 A W Tozer ( also still tweets! beyond the grave ya know!)

So there's some for you! I recommend you get acquainted with Twitter. Facebook is so last decade! ;-) If you'd like to follow me/know my Twitter account drop me a message in the comment box.

23 May 2012

Trust your gut

Another very much  read-worthy post from Kathy Escobar.

"really, it’s usually not about divisiveness; it’s about control. unhealthy systems will not tolerate any kind of pushback or challenge or questions.  healthy systems will."

I'm so allergic to these these days... Any community where I'm not allowed to ask questions or challenge. And it's not only problem with religious communities.. work places also. Or any communities. Joyce Meyer just posted this on Twitter yesterday:

"Just because people reject your opinions doesn’t mean they are rejecting you."

Just bcos I don't agree with your every opinion doesn't mean I'm not agreeing with your worth and value. (Ohh, to have people with healthy self-esteem..)

pushing parts of us down to stay part of the systems we are in is harmful. (*been there, done that*) hiding because our real selves, our real questions, will not be tolerated damages our soul. splitting off and pretending will drain us of hope over time."

our passions & gifts will continue to be squelched.  we will continue to give time & money to systems that don’t really care about us.   we will live with a subtle and sometimes overt shame that who we are is either too much or not enough

we can’t be free in a place that tells us we are less than because of our gender.  we can’t be free in a place that won’t tolerate our questions or doubts or pain or struggles.  we can’t be free in a place that only loves us when we are towing the line and following the rules.  we can’t be free in an environment that won’t engage in healthy conflict. we can’t be free when we are being controlled.

Healthy conflict people!! It's important!

when it comes to issues of oppression & unhealthy systems of power, we need to listen more to our gut.  we need to tune into our hearts and be more honest about what we are feeling.  we need to open our eyes to reality.

Been trying to learn to listen to my gut. 

Do read Kathy's whole post if it hits home with you at all. Joyce's Twitter feeds I find always encouraging! They're nice on my Twitter feed.

This is from another post by Kathy:

Instead, change in the church will come from not-so-well-behaved women who are willing to risk their pride, reputations, and “being liked” to stand for what God is stirring up in their hearts.

Change in the church will come when women who are called to lead, lead, even when others don’t think they can or should.

Change in the church will come when women refuse to squelch their gifts and begin to unleash them without asking for permission first.

Change in the church will come when women passionately follow Jesus, not systems-made-in-his-name-that-do-not-reflect-his-image.

Change in the church will come when women bravely use their voices, power, and any influence they have to inspire others to be brave, too.

But the Kingdom of God was never about easy. It was never about comfort. It was never about maintaining the status-quo. It was never about playing nice.

17 May 2012

"Non of my life has gone the way I planned it"

This is awesome, do watch it.

"Shoeey didn't do anything to be in your family. She didn't  she didn't have a name, she didn't have any hope, but now she's yours and she has Your name, she has Your Inheritance, she has Hope. It's the same thing I've done for you by sending Jesus."

From marybethchapman.com

I'm ordering the book!!

Choosing to See.

13 May 2012

Mother's day: getting personal

It is mother's day today. I read this and this post, and thought I'd post a few thoughts. First of all just a few things I am thankful for to my own mum.

1) I think I was read a bed time story every night until I went to school (at seven years in Finland) - maybe even after that. I treasure these times and they are part of my favourite childhood memories. (Also times at my grandparents house in the country and all those times playing in the woods..) I remember a lot of story telling. I preferred mum reading - she was better at it than my dad. Maybe she was present more, and more into the whole story-telling. But my love for books, reading and stories probably come from here. And I also remember hearing of some research that accounts development of intellect and doing well at school for bed times stories (or reading to kids). I totally think my doing well at school owes a lot to all the stories and reading! :D It was my favourite part of the day, and I think that is why I also still treasure bed times with kids - it is special and important to me. I feel I can give so much to a child at that moment, and it's a quiet quality time together. I've taken this tradition on. Most especially I did so with my little sister ( who is 12 years my junior) - and all the children I have looked after.

I think it is important every day to be present for a moment to/with your child.  Be present.

2) Big family. We spent Christmas together with all my mum's siblings, that is my aunts and uncles, and their respective families (I have 13 cousins) until I was 13 or 14. We were like one big family. I still feel from some of my cousins as if they were my siblings. And I feel like an auntie to their kids. They feel close to me, even if it has been awhile.

3) I got to be a princess when I was little. My mum valued (and still does) all things feminine and beautiful. So I've never had to deny this from myself. We always dressed up for parties. My mum usually had a party dress made for herself, and I often got the same one just smaller in size. I especially remember this yellow skirt and "blazer" of sorts that I had a mini-version off... You'd call that yellow fabric curtains these days.. hehe... But yes, we dressed up, looking nice was allowed. I learned that I was allowed to look beautiful and nice. Wear make-up if I wanted. I got to be a girl and a woman. I don't feel like I missed out on anything here (some friends have).

4) Friends are important. My mum has always had (girl) friends! And kept in touch with them. And also with our big family. Keeping in touch with people is important, outside your own family too.

5) I was encouraged to study and when I wanted to do so myself, go abroad. My mum never tried to make me stay in our small home town. Or to keep me there. I was allowed to leave.

Just a few things here...

I'm 31, and I don't have children of my own. But I don't feel like I have been left out on this motherhood thing at all. There has been plenty of mothering that I have gotten to do in my life. I'm thankful for that. I am so so glad I don't feel left out here! I have friends who have felt left out until they had their own kids. Thankful for the ways God has lead my life here. Partly I had to grow up early - but it's been all worth it, or well, just the way my life has been. I cannot imagine it any other way now. Or how I would have been without.

A few years ago one of my cousin's kids brought me a bouquest of flowers he had picked on mother's day. It was SO sweet. Broke my heart, in a good way :) I'll always remember, and treasure it. This same boy, when he was three (back in 2005), took me by the hand as we were going to a relative's wedding party, and said "I'm hungry" - then we searched for food :) we weren't that close then, and his parents were amazed that he trusted me like that, as he wasn't usually like that with people :)

God is Good and He loves us. 

PS. Also this mother's day, we went to visit my my grandmother's grave (mum wanted to). Always when I go there, I go and visit my brother's grave as well... how I still miss him. It is weird, nearly five years, and the missing is a tangible feeling. Still wishing he was here. Will this ever go away?

22 April 2012

Do you know her?

She's amazing!!

I present to you: Emeli Sandé - from my beloved Scotland!

when the money's spent and all my friends have vanished
and i can't seem to find no help or love for free
I know there's no need for me to panic
cause i'll find him, i'll find him next to me

well, all i need is a hand to stop the tears from falling
I will find him, I'll find him next to me

when the end has come and buildings falling down fast
when we spoilt the land and dried up all the sea
when everyone has lost their heads around us
you will find him, you'll find him next to me

The official video is fun too.

08 April 2012

The song this Easter

My soul longs for you
My soul longs for you
Nothing else will do
Nothing else will do

I believe you will come like the rain

You'll come like the rain

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
(John 3:16)

27 March 2012

Sunday thoughts

I read this somewhere today:

"Having said that, what I really seek and appreciate is integrity. I appreciate an honest, truth-seeking atheist infinitely more than a quasi-christian who is blind to his own faults and thinks he is somehow superior to others." 

Kudos!!! The last part gives me an usch.

It is amazing what a walk can do. Was along leading worship yesterday evening with my friend John - maybe because of that, and two weeks of long working days and somewhat stressful time at work, I was soooo beat yesterday evening when I got home, and felt quite muddled this morning too. And all day. Until I went for a walk. I just got back, and it is amazing what fresh air and exercise (and some food) do to you. I came back with a clear and refreshed mind and being. Thank you God. I thought that muddledness was never going to leave! Back to feeling and being myself.

I, along with a few others have been complaining in Facebook about the weather here. It gives us a slap in the face, when it's been already very springy with sunshine and warmth.. and then you wake up to SNOWING the next day.

Comments on facebook by friends:

More snow. Seriously!!!
This snow hurt my feelings this morning.
It is beautiful.... But when we've seen basically summer the past week this is just a slap in the face, like the weather saying 'fooled ya!'

My own was:

Seriously, snow? It was spring in Helsinki yesterday.

To which some friends commented: 
Why are all the Finns surprised about this? Even us wretched foreign scum know that you don't expect it to stop snowing until Vappu.

I replied:  
We forget. The short memory helps us to survive and continue living in this country.

Some friends from abroad wrote:

Nice!! I would like some snow! But saying that, it's 21 degrees her today and sunny- so I guess I can deal with that!!

A friend from Scotland: 
Give us a few hours ... Packing kids and we will head over!!! Lol!! ;)

Here's proof to you what Helsinki looked like on Friday:

Photos taken with my mobile, therefore crappy quality. But, look no snow!!!

09 March 2012

Giving you all my love

At first I didn't like this song at all, when I heard Jason Mraz' new song "I won't give up" - I thought yes lyrics are great, love the meaning but somehow otherwise the song just felt too simple or unsurprising. But NOW after a week, it has started to grow on me ;) I'm actually liking it a lot. It is annoyingly catchy. You just feel like singing along :-)

And when you're needing your space
To do some navigating
I'll be here patiently waiting
To see what you find

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make

I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up

But yes, I am actually loving it already. Huh! Jason Mraz is only my favourite artist, it was weird not to like his music, I was in shock how that could happen! Glad I found it there ;)

And today this fits in perfectly. I 'm saying: I won't give up. I've been encouraged today.

08 March 2012

A man that.

A man that can cook..Ahhh.
(Aussie Curtis Stone)

A man that can dance

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06 March 2012

Something blue

Beautiful things from Coast

Vida tube dress

Nice accessories... this bag

blue shoes and blue bag, yummy
It's not blue, but I love it!

This one would make a nice bridesmaid dress.

02 March 2012

Transformed by love

From my heart today

You live in a million places
Your fingerprints can be seen on a million faces
There is a trace of you
In every hallelujah
Every song that I sing

And because of you
I come alive
And it's your sacred heart
Within me beating
Your voice within me singing
Oh, for love of you
Oh, for love of you
It's all, it's all you, yeah

I gave you brokenness,
He gave me innocence and now
This road leads to glory

28 February 2012

Your love never fails

Nothing can separate
Even if I ran away

Your love never fails

I know I still make mistakes
But You have new mercies for me everyday
Your love never fails
  You stay the same through the ages
Your love never changes
  And when the oceans rage
I don't have to be afraid
Because I know that You love me
Your love never fails
  The wind is strong and the water's deep
But I'm not alone in these open seas
Cause Your love never fails

20 February 2012

Wow, what a powerful song

What an amazing song. What Presence. 

19 February 2012

My tribute

If I should die this very day
Don't cry, 'cause on Earth we weren't meant to stay
And no matter what the people say
I'll be waiting for you after the Judgement day

Life is precious. That's what I've been thinking this week, as I've had a really good week - and felt happy and thankful, thankful for this Life of mine! 

Today we were also celebrating my sister-in-law's 40th birthday. It made me think life (hers in this instance) really is worth celebrating for! And should be celebrated! What a gift it is and we all are to each other. And how lucky she is to have all those people (who were there) in her life. I also thought of the one who wasn't there... I'm pretty sure he would have wanted to be there. It still feels like something is missing. That he should have been there. Will we ever stop missing him? I missed him there today. I wish he had been there. It's been nearly five years.  I guess it's always these milestones where you miss those gone before you the most. I missed him today.

And thinking of life and death - and Whitney Houston's death. It was reported  that she had been speaking a lot about meeting Jesus and being ready to meet Jesus. Also on TMZ. (And in Finnish newspapers...) How her life is lifting His name up! She's celebrating with Him now. We miss her. But her life so was worth celebrating for! And how thankful, that she was able to share her gift of music with us. It just speaks to me of following your dreams and pursuing that which you were created for.

This song, my love is your love is one of my favorites, if not the favorite from Whitney. At the end, whatever storms life brings and at the end I'll be okey. Because Jesus loves me.

PS. A friend of mine also lost her brother just two weeks ago. Please keep her and her family in your prayers...

13 February 2012

Until I find my way home

I’m gonna push my life today
Push to make a better way
Gonna push ’cause I got to carry on

I’m gonna push the clouds away
Push so I can see the way
Gonna push until I find my way home

I can feel it come together
I know God has a plan, oh yeah
Oh I see the kingdom through the shadows
But it’s all gonna pass
I’m gonna push
‘Cause my Lord ain’t gonna let it last

I’m gonna push my life today
Push to make a better way
Gonna push ’cause I got to carry on, oh yeah

I’m gonna push the clouds away
Push so I can see the way
Gonna push until I find my way home

I’m gonna push ’till my Lord brings me home
Oh, oh yeah
‘Till I find my way home

27 January 2012

You'll come

Chains be broken
Lives be healed
Arms be open
Christ is revealed

As surely as the sun will rise
You'll come to us.

13 January 2012

Walk by faith

Would I believe you when you would say
Your hand will guide my every way
Will I receive the words You say
Every moment of every day

I will walk by faith
Even when I cannot see

this broken road
Prepares Your will for me

Help me to win my endless fears
You've been so faithful for all my years
With one breath You make me new
Your grace covers all I do