19 January 2007

Called to be..the face of love

I posted a Sanctus Real video not so long ago (click that or scroll down:)) Was reading their website yesterday.

"We don't know what
Jesus really looked like,
but we can know
who Jesus is.

We can then discover
who we are in Christ
hope beyond hope to become
the face of love to all
those around us."

18 January 2007

2006 in pictures

.. or actually just a few pics from the last half of it. :)

16 January 2007

She said Yes

"Uskovan elämässä ei ole sellaista kuolemaa, jota ei seuraisi ylösnousemus"

I've actually read (and have them) two books of the lives of two girls who were killed a the Columbine shooting in 1999. Both of them touched me, but especially this one .

12 January 2007

Funky Mama

video update, part 293

Promoting some bands here :)

Fab song & vid, Sanctus Real here (listen to the drums!!)

Kutless homepage.

End - Promoting finished (this time.)

08 January 2007


Brian Heasley from 24-7 Ibiza has written a really good piece about Discernment. Do read it! I'm one all for discernment.

80s, Baby!

This one's for Reija-Riitta.. =) ..and everyone else! Vicky Rosti and Finland's entry to Eurovision Songcontest in 1987 :)

02 January 2007

Off to Helsinki

I'm off to Helsinki tomorrow for a few days, so thought I should maybe write a few lines before I go. Christmas period will be finished by the time I get back! O-ou. So quickly it goes by each time. At the start of this new year, for the last, oh well, two days ;) that we have been in to this year, what I feel is thankful. I'm feeling really really thankful. I'm thankful about life in general. Basically I just realised that Im glad to be alive and I love my life! And I feel thankful of all my friends!! I'm so thankful of you guys!! That you are in my life. Each one of you is precious to me and each one a unique add to my life.

I've been in Lahti now for two years (huh! crazy! is it two years really? Where has the time gone?) and I feel really thankful to God for all the relationships and friendships that I have here, my life in here. This is the second time in my life actually that in three years I have created a life somewhere "new" (ok, Lahti was less new when compared to Glasgow..but still.. =)) But everyone in Lahti, thanks for being. Most of the time I have been feeling like fish on dry land (well sometimes :)) but you have made it easier! And all my friends everywhere else on this globe, I am thankful for yous and love you as well, as you should know!!!!

Ok, so I think you get the general idea =) I love you all. What would life be without friends.

Ohh PS. just to ensure that you guys will have some laughter and fun in the start of the year..Don't miss these two videos!! :D

Armi ja Danny (sooo hilarious...)

Finnish Disco With Åke Blomqvist (get out of your chair and try it out!)

01 January 2007

Happy New Year!

Haha, this is funny. Check it out. Kinda makes you feel like it was inspired by John Eldredge's book "Wild at heart" (love that one. Oh and I remember the time when Jaakko called me to sell me a mobile phone contract and it ended up me selling him the book! Now who's the seller! ohh those were the times =)) But yeh, here's Bradley Hathaway with "Manly Man" =)

Manly Man

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