26 January 2006

Point of Grace

"You may feel you're far from Home
But Home is where He Is."
From a Point of Grace song..

25 January 2006

Love Wash Over

Listen to this ! I love it when people do music/things in life from a place of passion. Pure talent! I love the piano! (I always do) Even though the songs have a tad sadness to them..or whistfullness..Good one.

And here's
Sara Groves.. "When it was over"

There is a love that never fails
There is a healing that always prevails
There is a hope that whispers a vow
A promise to stay while we're working it out
So come with your love and wash over us

Oh Love Wash over a multitude of things

Somehow marriages and couples have been on my mind of late..God so rejoices in romance, in marriages being made, Ican just see it and feel it!

But If you are having troubles in your relationship, or just dont quite feel like you'd like to feel...Hang on..Ask God to open the eyes of your heart and for you to see the other person the way God sees them. He loves us all equal you know.. Let Him bring healing into your marriage. Or if you are contemplating whether you'd give love a chance..We're not alone but as the song says we can ask him to come with His love and to wash over us..to help us.. To love Others! He doesn't send you into it alone! I'd like to encourage people to many things..to pray for couples/marriages around you..to bless them..to leap into love yourself, to have the courage to actually start loving someone. Letting someone that close :) It's beautiful and there's a blessing in it!

Or whatever it is that we need patience and endurance in... He doesn't leave us alone. It's amazing. He is The Creator He created the Sun the Moon the Earth the Sky..He can create All things New!

Tomorrow Brings a Brand New Day!

PS SADE my girl...I LOVE YOU! I loved having you here. Thanks for being!!You are important to me i heart YOU

13 January 2006

This photo was meant to be published ages ago

...and here it is finally! Blame it on my busy schedule. Today as I am writing this it is Feb 19th.Or 20th. But thanks to the wonders of technology, internet, blogger.com you can see the date it was meant to be! :=) Brothers and sisters in Christ. I spent the best christmas eve watch ever with these two! It was like back in childhood. We made a video and two, maybe I'll publish those later in the blog sometime..We'll see! Do I need to tell who WON the Trivial Pursuit game by the way? :)

"..You're my brother Yyou're my sister so take me by the hand..Together we will walk, and we will Stand" ..Don't think I'll ever forget christmas 2005! :=)

Family feel.

04 January 2006

new song cafe

Here's Tim Hughes hosting New Song Cafe in www.worshiptogether.com with Martin Smith and Stu G of Delirious performing "Now is the time" - Awesome singing! (- the harmony!!!)

But hurry up as they always change/release a new song every two weeks. I think you might have to register/log in first though, but I recommend as it's a really good website! So just click on my link above and then click on "New Song Cafe".

Also recommend this..Vicky Beeching!! Love her songs "Yesterday Today and Forever" and "You are Stronger than the Storm". She's one of my new fave worship leaders.

" I want to follow but what does it mean,
To live in this world and keep everything clean.
I lay down my rights; see the world through your eyes,
And fight for the hungry who pay for our lives,
I want to have you in all of my world.
So Jesus consume me,
flow through me,
cos now is the time..."

Written by Delirious?/Matt Redman

02 January 2006

A Song for the New Year

Lupasit Herra
Olla Kanssani
Minne voin mennä
Sinun luotasi
Kuljen tai lepään
Olet Vierelläin
En voi paeta Sun Rakkauttasi

Jos Lähtisin
Pois Luotasi
Ja Muuttaisin merten taa
Niin Sielläkin
Sä Olisit
ja Johdat minut takaisin
Kaiken Sä tiedät
Tunnet Lapsesi
Kätesi lasket minun ylleni
Kulkuni Ohjaat
Olet Vierelläin
En voi paeta Sun Rakkauttasi

(Btw not my song..)

Happy New Year!

We have a again a computer (laptop even) in the house.. So here I am - BACK! Though am working in 9 hours time, so have to make it a G'Day even before I got in the door.. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still ALIVE and breathing and to wish you all a happy new year! As we are all here may I just pull your attention towards the bottom left hand corner and the banner that says "BraveNet Guestmap"... it's one for YOU.. Guest notes are welcomed..from YOU..might Isay it again...from You, yes, You! lol lol...bear with me people ! :)

Speaking of the guestmap, David from England - is that David Elsey or Richards? (I only know 2 Daves!) Hi Back!!!

And Scot, Thanks for visiting..I know Elim Chapel, it's true it's very near Battlefield Rest! Is Simon still your pastor? I met him at one event some 3 years ago. Ohh and Andy and his wife as well, who spoke Finnish (I'm Finnish). He was doing youth work? I think at the time. Some people at your church might also know Jaakko Soiva.. who's a friend and goes to the same church as me.. Think he was there with some TACF related thing for a visit. Alyn Jones also mentioned it's a great church. I was meant to come while I was living over there, but never made it. Will correct that mistake first thing next time Im over!!!

Okey do babes, Have babbled too much already. Be so very very Blessed this year everyone...May God lead you and guide you in all you do! CaN'T run away from His Love...He really loves us so.

Much Love, Mimsmi xx