25 September 2007

Hello from Scotland

Just a wee hello to everyone! All is well here, got here yesterday, had my first class already today, heh =) Everything seems and feels so familiar! I guess that's what three yrs living in a place does to ya. Even the same secretaries and lecturers :) Anyways, it's really bed time for me already here, but do have lots of stories already to tell..We'll see if I get there. But consider yourselves greeted! :D

It feels really good to be back. Great really! (Miss you all though!)

15 September 2007

I don't wanna wait forever

Gary Valenciano: Wait Forever

I like this song and video. It is resonating a lot within me.

But I'd gladly take this ride
As long as you are there on the other side

I love you so, I love you