12 November 2012

We're worth it

This video has 40 million hits on youtube, can't be wrong :-) Go Jason! Love it. It's my attitude towards life.

And when you're needing your space
To do some navigating 
I'll be here patiently waiting
To see what you find

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make
Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use the tools and gifts
We got Yeah, we got a lot at stake

I won't give up on us
God knows I'm tough, He knows
(I am tough, I am loved)
We've got a lot to learn
(We are alive, We are loved)

God knows we're worth it
(And were worth it)

I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get roughI'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up.

I'm still looking up.

Know who you are

Know who you are, and you don't have to bend [read: people please] at each and every corner. But you can stand tall, and be who you are.

So word for today is: boldness. Boldly be [who you were created to be] yourself!