23 June 2007

I've done this!

(to the exact same music even!) Irish Dance Practice, Jean Butler teaching (not Jean Butler teaching me though)

...and it is MUCH harder than it looks there!!!

PS. In case you are in Lahti area or elsewhere southern Finland, check out this! Iiris, Finnish Irish Dance COmpany is recruiting new dancers. ( I was part of Ur Na hIiris last year) Go for it, it's great fun.

Best of Riverdance

This is my absolute favourite piece in Riverdance. It's really majestic when you see it live! I don't heart Michael Flatley much, but I found this video in youtube to catch more the spirit of the piece (there's another one with the "Thunderstorm" titled with "live in Geneva" ..but maybe it's kind of more produced, and this more authentic why I heart this one more..at least on video it seems to me. Ok, well, maybe I'll post a link to that one too, so here - which one do you like more? Though in this piece it is nice the story in the beginning, must say!

"We will not go down, we will not be beaten down like grain"

I like the boldness. =)

04 June 2007

Glad someone's speaking out

Bono at a Prayer Breakfast

In case you want to listen to the whole speech, here's a link to that. It's 20 mins & really good, do listen. Something that is extremely close to my heart, this is.