26 December 2006

a mimo poem



new life, new ways

Classic! A must post! Simply had to post this (again).
(PS Saija, this makes me think of you each time I see it!)

23 December 2006

Så som i Himmelen

She's an amazing singer! We watched this movie not long ago. I thought there was something familiar in this actress singing in the movie! and then I realised it was her! Her being Helen Sjöholm who sings in my Kristina från Duvemåla single "Du måste finnas" (Now theres an amazing song! Unfortunately youtube didnt cater me for that..except some dutch version. I may be a language buff but I have to draw the line somewhere!) There's something Julie Andrews-like in Helen, don't you think? Oh and Sade, this one here is for you, it made me think of you!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Me x

21 December 2006

Only God is God

This is one of my favorite songs of all time, love it!! It is an amazing live performance in the White House. So here goes, ladies and gentlemen, Steven Curtis Chapman with "God is God".

It's all about recognising His sovereignity...He is my God. and I love being His child. Worshiping Him, I hope my life brings glory to the One who created me. He loves me, sooooo loves me. And that is what changed my life, for good, 15 years ago. Understanding Hehis love for me. His love has changed me, and keeps changing me! (And Im still on the road of discovery of His love for me)

Actually the other day I was reading about Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 17-19. I love it how even when we make bad choices
God comes out to rescue us when we call out to Him! (Jehoshaphat , king of Judah, had allied himself with Ahab king of Israel through marriage, and this was not a good alliance for him, for all its influences. Ahab wasn't a godly man and only sought his own good) Jehoshaphat went into battle with Ahab in Ramoth Gilead though the prophet Micaiah warned about it, and Jehoshaphat ended up being betrayed by Ahab.

"but Jehoshaphat cried out, and the LORD helped him."
2 Chronicles 18:31

God still helped! When Jehoshaphat called out to Him!

In 2 Chronicles 16 you can read about king Asa (And the chapters before it). They were different kind of leaders and had different leadership style; or mostly the kings either served God, recognised that their authority came from Him or they didn't. And the difference between Jehoshaphat and Asa was that even in sickness and in his old age , Asa didn't turn to God
for God to help unlike Jehoshaphat inthe midst of his distress. I'm sure God would've been there for Asa too in an instant, if he simply had turned to Him.

Oh also liked this post by Brian Heasley about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, they are some of my favorite guys in the Bible! Who and what we bow down to..

Oh, how great are the riches
of His wisdom and knowledge

How unsearchable for to Him and
through Him and
from Him are all things

So let us worship before the throne
Of the One who is worthy of worship alone

(Lyrics from the song above)

17 December 2006

Now what was it again...

I know I am posting like crazy these days, aren't ya glad? :) I'm enjoying the 24-7Prayer E-Bullets a lot these days! I like reading those articles! I dunno, does it have something to do with the fact that you have met the people who write them (and have a faint picture of who they are)? Maybe. Thanks to the 24-7 ILG back in September! It was great, truly a great time.

Anyways, why I started writing. Here's an article by Oria Dale (isn't her name just so beautiful!) who was one of the people I met,though briefly. The article is called "Faith for the Last Minute, Adventures in Brasil."

"But when the 11th hour comes
and there are only a few minutes left
and its gone way past the
‘possible’ stage,
I tend to forget what it was we chatted about"

"I learned that I DO hear God and know His voice…
and to obey in those moments."

I enjoyed it and was inspired, hope you are too!

15 December 2006

Once in a lifetime

ahh, must post this. This vid by Keith Urban is a bit like the weather today - saw the sun peeps!! The sun! Some blue sky! They still exist! Woooow!! It was beautiful. I like the Sun. When it lights and shines. Been just a weeeeeeeeee bit grey over here, and dark! Snow, where art Thou=? You know you are welcome to fall down any day now! No opposition here. Thank you very many please, snow would be in order in these latitudes!

Anyhoo, nice vid. See for yourselves! Sunny and like a nice cold breeze on a clear blue sky autumn day. Full of promise, full of hope. There's hope, there's always hope!

Beyond the walls of religion

Great message here, it is a Day of Fire interview and they are talking about what I could name as a "part two" or continuation to "take the church out".

"We gotta go beyond the walls of religion
We've got to go and love people where they are at
We gotta go where people are"

"The way you live your life
is the biggest testimony to people

Live your life so that it makes people ask
why you live your life that way"

That made me think about some things I thoroughly believe in and have believed for..well, a long time! That is..
"Live the life and lead by example!"

We ALL lead by example. With the way I live my life, the things I do, with every action I communicate something, and it always has some sort of impact on people. I mean you might think "what, me? But I have no significance like that.." But you never know who might be looking up to you and taking example of you in how they lead their lives. For example, I think about "What would my children think?" What kind of example do I want to leave to them? Or any future generations? Anyone? The decisions I do today has an impact on them too! And I dont even have any children yet. (even close, haha. Nae married) :) Basically, you matter, your life matters, and the things you do matter. They do! You matter honey! And so often we truly are oblivious to those who actually care about what we do.

"The church is there to re-charge the batteries,
the church is there for believers to be ministered to
so that they can go out
taking God out to people
who dont know God

I so believe in that too and sometimes it seems to me like the church has lost the plot when it comes to that. We need support, we need a resting place, we need a place where we can charge our batteries.

Well, had this on my heart today...

Much love to you all!

10 December 2006

Taking the church out

This is one of the most inspiring stories I've read recently!! It's an article by Sarah Smith, who leads the 24-7 Prayer clubbing Mission Team in London. I met Sarah at the international leaders gathering in London. She's lovely! I love what she says at the end:

"Let’s not just wait and expect people to walk into church!
Let’s take church out to the people."

The London Night Belongs to Jesus
by Sarah Smith

As the Christmas season approaches, I hope you all have your dancing shoes at the ready for some serious dance floor action at parties, work do’s and nights out galore. Please bear in mind though that a boogie is not just for Christmas and should be nurtured all year around.

I for one absolutely love going clubbing and I actually find a club night out the perfect setting to pray and worship. That might sound strange, especially as clubs tend to be smoky, way too loud and packed to the brim with hundreds of sweaty people trying to do their thing on the dance-floor. But I love all that, and there’s just something about the chunky, throbbing, pulsating beats that really helps me to focus and lift up prayers and praises to God. Thankfully, I am not the only one who can relate to this! I lead a team of about 10 guys and gals who have a heart for the club scene in London and once a month we go out praying and worshipping as we dance at a club in King’s Cross called The Cross.

We do this as a 24-7prayer mission team. We are from different churches across London and we started out about two and a half years ago, responding to a call from God to bring our prayers and worship into the clubs. Basically the places we would normally hang out in at the weekend anyway so not a big hardship! For most of the first year we did a club and pray tour around some of London’s biggest super-clubs such as Turnmills, Fabric and the Ministry of Sound. Since then we have mainly been focusing on The Cross (because we like it, not because of the name!), going to the same club night each month and really sowing into it – hoping to bump into familiar faces and build relationships with people. God has led us in our prayers and sometimes we have had themes for the night such as transformation, God’s love, forgiveness etc. We always pray for the resident DJ and the others DJs that perform there. And we pray for the people around us on the dance-floor.

When I tell people that we pray in clubs, they sometimes have the impression that we kneel down on the dance-floor and start speaking in tongues. We don’t do that! We just look like any other clubber, but we are communicating with God in our heads and spirits and also communicating with each other - telling each other what we think God is saying and what he might want us to be praying into. We also spend time worshipping God, worshipping with our bodies as we dance and lifting up His name to the music. Loads of our fellow clubbers have their hands up in the air for the DJs, but our arms are outstretched as we express our love for Jesus.

We get offered pills a lot and even just saying no and explaining that we’re not even drinking is a huge witness. It can be hard for some people to understand how we have so much stamina to be out dancing until the early hours of the morning without any chemical assistance and this sometimes opens up opportunities for chats about our faith. We were even able to pray with someone in the club a couple of months ago.

Of course, being in a club environment can be very distracting and it wouldn’t be for everyone. There are plenty of temptations along the way and keeping focused can be a challenge. This is why we spend plenty of time in prayer before we even get into the club. We meet to pray and worship in the 24-7prayer City of London Boiler Room before heading out. It’s so good to get up close and personal with God before getting on the mission field and this is a vital part of what we do. We also meet once a month to pray outside of the club mission night to keep the rhythm of prayer going even when we’re not dancing.

Maybe this is something you might be interested in getting involved in! Are you someone who loves clubbing and would be up for getting involved in mission in this scene? The Cross might not be your type of club, but it would be great to hear from you anyway as it would be good to see more teams go out into different clubs across London. Perhaps you are not into clubbing, but would be up for supporting us in prayer from time to time. Either way, I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me on via email.

In this holiday season, I’d love to encourage all of you to think about how you can use your hobbies, interests and places you hang out socially to glorify God and bring people closer to Jesus. For example, if you have a local pub that you go to regularly, why not start getting a bit strategic and have a pray before you go out – asking God for opportunities to speak about your faith and demonstrate His love to others.

Let’s not just wait and expect people to walk into church! Let’s take church out to the people.

Merry Christmas!

title image taken by Mike PD
thumbnail moon image taken by Petur Gauti

07 December 2006

being true

Look at that passion. Jeff Deyo live!

Drown me in Your love
Let me lose myself

Also like what Toby Rand says here.. Put on the search in youtube and you'll get a few more videos! (him singing) He was part of the american rock version of Fame Academy or Idols (ok they are TOTALLY in different leagues!!) They were looking for a new lead singer for a rock band (consisting of a few big names) Just to give you a wee background here!

04 December 2006

Take me to your Leader

" They don't know why we care
They don't know what's out there
They don't know how it's done
Let's Take `Em To Our Leader's Son

They see we've got the joy
They see us live in joy
it's real, it's free, it's fun,
Let's Take `Em To Our Leader's Son"

Oh that our lives would really speak this way that it would make people ask who our leader was!

I was watching Newsboys videos on youtube and yesterday I read this speech given by Conan O'Brien at Harvard.. six years ago. Those made me think how I appreciate and admire people who don't give up, who keep pursuing their dreams and do their thing even when it might not succeed straight away or people laugh at you, dont get it, when you are criticised. I guess it is a matter of finding your thing - what is that thing that makes you tick, that gives you a burn inside, that you have a passion for, that you could die for (almost), not live without? What do you love to do? What do you enjoy doing?

Conan didn't give up. Rather good that speech actually bcos he tells in it what happened between graduating Harvard 1985, and starting the Late Night show in 1994.

And Newsboys have just kept at it, kept doing it for quite some time already. And I actually think that their songs and the whole thing just gets better by the years! So am really glad they have kept at it and not given up. They've got some really apt lyrics that speak directly to your heart.

Here's some lyrics that started affecting our lives back in 1998...That spoke to my heart.

"I'm not ashamed to let you know
I want this light in me to show"

by the moon and the tide
like a man and his bride
i will wait on you,

"He doesnt love us because of who we are,
He only loves us because of who He is."

I'll finish off today with a great song by Jeremy Camp, "Understand". He understands it all. He is my ever present help in time of need.

I know you understand it all
So why don't I get back on my feet again
You hear me when I call
You're there when I fall
You hear me when I call

God Bless you all! Much love, Meeee x

PS Special hugs to S, S & P..come visit meeeeeeeeeeee! Miss yous.