12 December 2007

Let Your Light Shine

I thought this was a good song for this time of year, especially for those in Finland. :) (Sorry it's in Finnish..but enjoy..here's a chance for a cultural experience! :))


Actually, the title of this post as well as that of the song, is something I've been contemplating on the last wee while, ever since I saw Stardust (:))...When the light shines in the darkness...All darkness has to flee as the light lits up the room. There was a scene like that at the end of that film that made me think of Jesus, His Light, and the glory of God. I came across this passage (Luke 1:78-79) last week that I thought it goes well with my topic here. Check it out...

God can light even our darkest rooms, to bring hope and new life, where we thought no new life could be. There is always a way out, there is always new things, there is always Hope.

PS Congratulations P&M for a wee baby girl!!!