30 April 2007

I am on facebook! I am only two days old in there, so am pretty green when it comes to it, but it seems like a good/easy/nice way of keeping in touch with people..So I recommend. Do join if you haven't yet.

Mark 10:27 is one of my favourite Bible passages. I found this version of it on the Message pretty illustrative and good

" Jesus was blunt:
No chance at all if you think you can pull it off by yourself. Every chance in the world if you let God do it."

I like that. =)

22 April 2007

Called to Stand

"I'll stand
with arms high and heart abandoned
in Awe
of the One Who gave it all"

I like this song, Stand, and this version of it by Michael W Smith (originally by Hillsong United). I would've embedded the video here but youtube didn't allow me. Anyways, a bit of the song on that link as it was best I could get! Also you can listen to all the songs on his latest cd here.

Called to stand..
...for what you believe in..

What do you believe in?

15 April 2007

Following Jesus

Ainoa pelastaja, syntisen ainoa turva,
luoksesi jokainen tulla saa
Ainoa parantaja, haavasi meidät puhdistaa,
taakkani luovuttaa sulle saan
Sä olet mulle enemmän kuin mikään muu,
sä olet suurempi kuin taivaan avaruus

Palvon ja ylistän nimeäsi,
käteni nostan nyt sun puoleesi
katson sun kirkkauttasi, Herrani,
enkä muuta voi kuin kaiken luovuttaa

Ainoa vapahtaja, syntini ristinpuulla
sovitit, vapauden meille toit
Ainoa kuningas, ainoa jolla on valta,
edessäs jokainen polvistuu

Song "Ainoa" by Petrus Ahonen. You can hear it here

Sä olet mulle enemmän kuin mikään muu,
sä olet suurempi kuin taivaan avaruus

03 April 2007


One of our rooms dedicated for prayer (yes, we created two spaces!!) in HM07

Doesn't that just invite you to spend some time with God..Makes me just want to linger in His Presence! While I was in this prayer room last weekend I was reminded again how GOOD it feels to be in them, how I feel like I could simply just stay in them. Peace, love, peace.
Our/the girls idea was to create a "keidaspaikka" (sanctuary/oasis). I think it was that. Here's some of the art from there:

PS if you'd like to create a space for prayer check out www.24-7Prayer.com Hopefully a Finnish page coming out soon too! There's a link to different national pages there.. I especially like the Swedish one and the Australian one. Ah well, if you can French then this is for you.

*Photos by Sini H & myself, the first two pieces of art by Ella

02 April 2007


Hey peeps! Sorry long time no blog! Been a bit busy. I really like this worship, that was new to me but heard live the band this weekend. Got me worshiping! Nice to see new stuff springing up in Finland. So check out "ylistyspoppii" in mikserinet. I like especially the song "Olet Suunnaton". Resonates something within me.. Sorry for all English speaking peeps, this is in Finnish =) You can still enjoy the sounds though.. ;)

Also, here's somewhere to go over Easter!(I am!)