27 December 2010

O Holy Night

It's still the season right! I should've really posted this on Christmas Eve. It's so beautiful.

25 December 2010

The Christmas Story

This is cuteness maximised!

In Finland we celebrate Christmas most on Christmas Eve. Or that is the main day, we do celebrate it for a whole three days (24th, 25th, 26th) - but the Eve is when we have our big dinner, open presents, Santa Claus visits, most go to Church - you can also go on Christmas morning at 7am, which is even more traditional, and which is what we in my family do. It's followed by traditional breakfast at my aunt's with all those who went to Church together, or who just play along in the morning. I used to do the Watch Night service, but it has changed to this in the last two years.. Some years before this, I did both!

Nobody works here on the 24th, unless you are in the service sector (or church staff :)). All shops (except those with special license) close at 12 noon on Christmas Eve. So that's when Christmas officially starts here! And they don't open until the 27th.

This year (And most years) it's winter wonderland. It was -20C yesterday..Just now it is only -12C!

Happy Christmas!

Here's a classic :)

20 December 2010


Today I went here with a group of my students (and with):

Picture from

It looked pretty much like that. Oh how we enjoyed and loved the silence there. Nearly in the middle of nowhere..At least it sounded like there was nothing close. There's nothing more refreshing than a walk in the forest on a winter day like this. Being in the nature.

It got me thinking. I realised how much noise we have in our lives. How hard it is to hear the important still whispers, when our lives are crowded with of all sorts noise. I long for more Silence.

It balances us and connects with our inmost being.

I'd recommend having a walk in the forest any day to re-balance you. Only the sounds of nature there..Speaking without words.

Beautiful Silence.

11 December 2010

I Won!!!!

Homemade Goats Milk Soap in a Giveaway Contest!!! I am soooo happy!! I don't remember ever winning any of these type of draws/competitions. Yey!!! I look forward to testing them!! Stay tuned, will let you know how they are!
And if you like, you can try them out yourselves for a very affordable price at Rhen's shop, here: Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap - shop
Ahh, I am so happy. :)
Pictures from Rhen's site

06 December 2010

Onnea Suomi!

Happy Birthday Finland! Happy Independence Day!

04 December 2010

From Nakedpastor

Good News a little early! But couldn't resist posting.