27 November 2006

Be lifted high

This vid simply deserves a double posting!!Look at all those hands up in the air!! :-) God Bless you all. Love "vj" Mimo

22 November 2006

inside out

Was reading through my own old posts. I was much wordier back in October 05! Haha I like reading MY OWN POSTS. hehehehehehehe. Truth be told that actually happened 'cos I went for a look out of this particular post. Here's the video of the Hillsong United song I'm talking about there.. luckily someone has posted it on youtube.

Your light will shine when all else fades
Never ending
Your glory goes beyond all fame"

There's hope!

I really wanted to post a video I saw on God tv actually when I was watching this show (did you know you can watch God tv online??) Anyways, if I post the video it totally messes up my whole blog! So I can't. But you can find the aforementioned video in my myspace , it's the first one, in my "about me" section. It's a video by "By the Tree" called World on fire. I like it. Nice. It's a pretty new song.

Also, love this song. We were worshiping along to it on sunday. Love it.

"In my life be lifted high
In my world high be lifted high
In our love be lifted high"

Thanks Juha & guys for bringing that song into the worship. It rocks.

15 November 2006

right foundation

Ohh I so love this song! I'm being inspired by it. Such fundamental truths!!
The key to true security...

"Im Okey 'bcos You get me".

I don't care what the world may say I hear you calling my name There is nothing that I'd rather do Than just worship you, LORD I'm going to worship you You understand me So completely Now I am free LORD you get me.

08 November 2006


I ended up looking at Scotland stuff on the internet today. It hit me (Im clearly being hit by many things of recent!) how MUCH of Scotland I have actually seen. I know there's still many places (of course!) I've not been to, but still, quite a bit of the country I managed to see in three years. I came especially familiar with the highlands, and even some of the northern highlands! I've even been to Isle of Skye twice. Woohoo! Neist Point is one of my favourite places of all. As is the beach South of Ayr with the ruins of Dunure castle, onlooking to Isle of Arran. (This picture actually describes more of the feel of the beach I think)

Btw, I had a hilarious moment once. There's south of Arran
a wee wee island called "Aailsa Craig" and it basically just looks like a big rock on the water. I was flying back to Glasgow once from summer holidays, and there was an american guy next to me that I had been chatting with. Just before we landed we flew above Ayr and I said "Ohh!!! Looook!! that's..mmm..(thinking as I couldnt remember its name)... Ayr's Rock!!"

...I mean if that guy had any knowledge he would know that Ayers Rock is situated somewhat on the other side of the globe :-) But don't you think pretty clever brain work: Ayr + a rock outside it = must be Ayr's rock! Ok, it really DOES look like a rock! See for yourselves. Ha, don't you agree! It truly is just like a rock. Though a big one, must admit.) This is what it most often looks like from the aforementioned beach. Oh, and I though this pic was awesome - it's taken 70 miles away from Beinn An Lochainn. If you look closely you can catch my Ayr's Rock in the distance.

I'll end with typical Scottish lodgings.

About as typical as polar bears roaming in the streets of Helsinki. =)

07 November 2006

hit me today

..Im actually looking forward to christmas already!! I've been drinking glögi the last two days, and I guess the snow outside makes you think of christmas. Personally, I don't think I have ever before been this early..Well, good preparation makes a good celebration, right! :-) Maybe this year I won't be last minute shopping for gifts.. hehe. Anyhoo, must dash now. Blessings everyone, me loves yous!

02 November 2006


i'M OFF to Hämeenlinna tomorrow (friday..or is it today?) for the Vapis (Free church) Youth Event to help in the setting up of prayer room there. Am very much looking forward to going! Truly feel like Im meant to go. I love it when I feel my Heavenly Daddy really wants me somewhere and I am meant to go there. Love being sent by Him. Im Looking forward also to seeing Eva again (havent since London) and meeting snew faces (I LOVE meeting people!!) coming together with fellow passionate prayer people, seeing youth, seeing lives changed. I'm looking forward to seeing what He's gonna do in there. It's really good people pulling the event together as well. It's generally gonna be a really good crowd I feel! Come too if you are anywhere near and able! (Sade?! I'd love to see you) :-) And please remember the youth and us in your prayers! Thanks!

"Apprends à l'enfant le chemin qu'il doit suivre,
même quand il sera vieux, il n'en déviera pas."

Proverbs 22:6