27 March 2012

Sunday thoughts

I read this somewhere today:

"Having said that, what I really seek and appreciate is integrity. I appreciate an honest, truth-seeking atheist infinitely more than a quasi-christian who is blind to his own faults and thinks he is somehow superior to others." 

Kudos!!! The last part gives me an usch.

It is amazing what a walk can do. Was along leading worship yesterday evening with my friend John - maybe because of that, and two weeks of long working days and somewhat stressful time at work, I was soooo beat yesterday evening when I got home, and felt quite muddled this morning too. And all day. Until I went for a walk. I just got back, and it is amazing what fresh air and exercise (and some food) do to you. I came back with a clear and refreshed mind and being. Thank you God. I thought that muddledness was never going to leave! Back to feeling and being myself.

I, along with a few others have been complaining in Facebook about the weather here. It gives us a slap in the face, when it's been already very springy with sunshine and warmth.. and then you wake up to SNOWING the next day.

Comments on facebook by friends:

More snow. Seriously!!!
This snow hurt my feelings this morning.
It is beautiful.... But when we've seen basically summer the past week this is just a slap in the face, like the weather saying 'fooled ya!'

My own was:

Seriously, snow? It was spring in Helsinki yesterday.

To which some friends commented: 
Why are all the Finns surprised about this? Even us wretched foreign scum know that you don't expect it to stop snowing until Vappu.

I replied:  
We forget. The short memory helps us to survive and continue living in this country.

Some friends from abroad wrote:

Nice!! I would like some snow! But saying that, it's 21 degrees her today and sunny- so I guess I can deal with that!!

A friend from Scotland: 
Give us a few hours ... Packing kids and we will head over!!! Lol!! ;)

Here's proof to you what Helsinki looked like on Friday:

Photos taken with my mobile, therefore crappy quality. But, look no snow!!!

09 March 2012

Giving you all my love

At first I didn't like this song at all, when I heard Jason Mraz' new song "I won't give up" - I thought yes lyrics are great, love the meaning but somehow otherwise the song just felt too simple or unsurprising. But NOW after a week, it has started to grow on me ;) I'm actually liking it a lot. It is annoyingly catchy. You just feel like singing along :-)

And when you're needing your space
To do some navigating
I'll be here patiently waiting
To see what you find

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make

I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up

But yes, I am actually loving it already. Huh! Jason Mraz is only my favourite artist, it was weird not to like his music, I was in shock how that could happen! Glad I found it there ;)

And today this fits in perfectly. I 'm saying: I won't give up. I've been encouraged today.

08 March 2012

A man that.

A man that can cook..Ahhh.
(Aussie Curtis Stone)

A man that can dance

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06 March 2012

Something blue

Beautiful things from Coast

Vida tube dress

Nice accessories... this bag

blue shoes and blue bag, yummy
It's not blue, but I love it!

This one would make a nice bridesmaid dress.

02 March 2012

Transformed by love

From my heart today

You live in a million places
Your fingerprints can be seen on a million faces
There is a trace of you
In every hallelujah
Every song that I sing

And because of you
I come alive
And it's your sacred heart
Within me beating
Your voice within me singing
Oh, for love of you
Oh, for love of you
It's all, it's all you, yeah

I gave you brokenness,
He gave me innocence and now
This road leads to glory