28 October 2012


Today with some peeps that are very very dear to me

Oh yes we had fun :) (we always do)

We got first snow here on Friday. It's winter already! :/ Good to remind myself of these Summer daze...

 Do you even remember it being like this?

With cousins in Sweden. And barbecue! Lots of barbie food.

My cousin's son's first take on their piano. He chose "Candle in the Wind" from the song book :-)

Happy together

and Don't forget this!

14 October 2012


My beautiful little sister :)

She lives and studies at University in Helsinki now. 

Friday eve
Saturday coffee in Lahti

Two people dear to my heart. and FUN. They are both FUN! to be around. I'm lucky. 

Not our best shot :)

Still a bit tired from the week! Lovely day on Saturday though.
Time to go out!

01 October 2012

[[Just the way you are]]

I decided to be away from Facebook for a month, for October  - who knows maybe I'll end up blogging more? ;-)

Happy October!