27 July 2007

The One I have my faith in

*The Everlasting God by Lincoln Brewster*

I am reading at the moment "Power from on High"
by Charles G.Finney (Voima Korkeudesta suomeksi, Kiitos Lahden Kristillinen kirjakauppa! :) ) . Tough dude, tough speak! =) I think this video suits the book, bcos the book talks a lot about waiting upon the Lord, waiting upon God to mission us. ( By this I mean not just the calling, but also sending. Authorisation.) That we wouldn't go out in our own power. Like Jesus did give the commandment in Matthew 28, but He also told them to WAIT in Jerusalem, until He gives them the POWER to go out (Luke 24:49). Which they did, and you can read what was the outcome of their waiting in Acts 2. (Finney also points out, that they weren't just waiting with thumbs crossed - well "crossed" they probably were, as in PRAYER. They were keeping in touch with Him, talking to Him. Waiting expectantly, as in waiting to receive something. For He promised. And He was Jesus, who they knew wouldn't just give out false promises!! The promise is for us today too..How would we be any different from the Disciples. We need His Power, His clothing for us. It is crucial that we let Him dress us before we head to any battles! It might involve some dying to self, as sometimes it might not feel so nice, to have to wait, but if you were in the army you wouldn't go into the battle insufficiently armed, without the "armour" so to speak..)

In John 15:5 Jesus says "You can do nothing without me". One of the most profound truths that I learned three years ago when I took a course that Marlene Howard lead for us, was that "What God calls me to, He will equip me to do". Often we can find ourselves doing things in our own might. Which will not take us very far.. It's so important to learn to lean on Him and be dependant on Him. Sometimes it involves waiting. Waiting to receive that strenght, that healing, that peace..Whatever it is one needs. It's important to know the difference of times - to know when it is a time to stay and a time to leave.

Even if it's slightly wistful to be writing this to you from partly candlelight room in the middle of packing all my things into pink-lidded (is that a word?) boxes (and now, TODAY they had the blue-lid boxes on sale!!! The ones I was wanting in the first place.. Well, maybe I'm more co(o)lourful than that..Hehe..For some reason my life has been filled with bright pink the last few weeks!! Anyways, who cares with the blue, I already bought all the boxes..Maybe I'll try get a pic for all yours to see.. =) They're actually rather fun, these ones with pink lids, they're see-through otherwise.)

...I will miss this, but I also know that the time is up now. Up for new adventures in life! Some things have to go, before new ones can come in..

PS. About the video, I don't think anyone is daft to have to have the texts in it, but I just prefer the Lincoln Brewster version of the song to the Chris Tomlin one! I like the Finnish translation a lot too..

"Uusi voima nousee kun mä odotan
Kun mä Herraa odotan

Herraa odotan"

That is for sure. We can trust that He'll be here for us.

18 July 2007

Some U2

I have lots of other stuff to post as well, but I just wanted quickly to put this in, been meaning to for awhile. Minna and her mum are stopping by for a cuppa, so must dash. But Enjoy: U2 & Stuck in a moment

16 July 2007

Post Birthday Thoughts

"He won't let you go" by The Kry

There's an image in this video with Jesus arms open, which is very similar to the altar painting in the church of my home town of 20 yrs and where I was born,
Orimattila (Beautiful church, isn't it!)

Was my birthday yesterday! Oh boy, I'm 27! =) It feels old! Haha! I know anyone older than me is now looking back at me with a sweet smile on their face.."Ahh there will come a day when she thinks 27 is YOUNG!" :) Anyways, I probably never before thought past this amount of yrs, of what life might be like. When you're 20,21 you concentrate on the next few yrs. for me, after that, life has just kind of "happened". I have certainly done some of the things I imagined to do and wanted to do, then again some things haven't yet come to pass that I thought. But in general, it's not so different after all. (Maybe it's just me.) I'm still me. Though a more mature me. Especially in the last year, I feel like I've matured a lot. I've been describing my life lately to people as in that I feel like I am in an oven =) Uunissa ollaan siis, kypsymässä. But yea of course I have also changed, maybe you just don't realise or see it yourself so much..Or you see it later on.

But years just seem to go by really quick.. 40 is only 13 years away??? That soon! :D

PS. Sorry for the links missing, I was trying out different templates and they disappeared and just haven't gotten round to putting them back in yet.

08 July 2007

Sunday song # 2643

My song of the day: Jon McLaughlin/Industry

Found this live performace by him on this same song -check it out, he's an amazing pianist! Pretty awesome. Found Jon McL's music sometime last year.

I think this song beautifully describes the feeling one has before stepping into something new, whatever "debut" one has in life, fear can creep in - what if nothing comes out of it? What if I make fool of myself? Dare I walk into this new thing? But then -

"If I don't keep going it'll just go to show
That I’ve been beat by an industry I’ve never seen"

So - there's no harm trying! See what comes out of it. At least you tried! And it might turn out much better than you ever thought.. And I like how he is simply saying in the song,
"This is me"

This is me!


Well ,this wasn't any huge analysis on the song, just some thoughts..and of course we all take out different things from songs =) But there's some 2 pennies worth from me. (Literally two :))

Was also reading Paul's letter to Galatians today, I might post and share on that later.

07 July 2007

Carry the Light

This takes me right back to King's Kids times. (And automatically makes me think of Saija! :)) Those were special times. Loved it. Had to post! So here's another one down the memory lane.. :) Väkevä biisi edelleen sanoisin suomeksi. Pidän kyllä sanoista..ja koko biisistä. And maybe it's also quite an apt post for 07-07-07 with what's happening in Nashville today..Carry the Light by various christian artists (I don't recognise most of them!) from 1987:

PS. Also is Live Earth rocking today..

05 July 2007

Something totally random

June 2007

Beginning of July at our household:

No.of bags with paper trash thrown out after starting to do the big clear out/inventory of my stuff: 4 or 5 so far (there's bound to be more)
No. of bags with clothes in them that are going to be thrown out (well recycled obviously but thrown out of my ownership): 2
(so far)
(I am being pretty generous with that -I decided it's time to get away with all clothes that I don't use anymore! I think I was pretty successful but then I still had to keep a few items..There might be a round two with this clothes business, a few with a sentimental value I gotta keep though!)
No of times I've been to my mum's to wash laundry since the house washing machine is broken: 5,6,7? at least..
No. of times Leena (flatmate) has been to Helsinki to view apartments: 3-5 (Not sure about the exact no.)
No. of hen nights I've been to: 1
No. of weddings I've been invited to this summer: 2
No. of couples that getting married in Holland without many knowing beforehand: 1
No. of bees found in my bedroom and hallway if/when the window or balcony door left open: gazillion
No. of bees captured with a state-of-the-art method (glass and thin newspaper) and then set free from the balcony - a run inside, all windows and doors firmly shut afterwards (but usually only for a little bit - need air here!): gazillion (Well, ok, right answer is four - some of the gazillion bees flew out themselves after much wishing and praying by me)

Obviously very valuable information for your knowledge! =)

This post was inspired by Reija. (and her bee story)

01 July 2007

Seasons of Love from RENT

Here's a song from the Musical RENT, I've actually never seen it (the movie or the Broadway musical) but I've known of it. (Actually RENT reminds me of a certain flight back in 1999 from the States to Reykjavik in Iceland..hmm hehe..think it was the first time I heard of it ;) ) But yes I came across this song earlier this week. Just felt like another perfect Sunday song! So here's RENT with "Seasons of Love" (Had not heard it before)

Found another slightly longer version with the Youth from Etobicoke School for the Arts in Toronto, Canada. Here's their performance from August 2006 at an International AIDS Vigil in Toronto. Enjoy - Some talented youth there! (Btw, nice name of a place, Etobicoke, I think)

P.S. Happy Birthday to Ivonne!!
P.P.S Mark your books, mine is in exactly two weeks!!!