14 September 2009

I was blind but now I see

in my random thoughts this passage in john 9 came to mind, the story of the man who had been blind from birth but Jesus healed. i love this story because while the pharisees were trying to figure out the ins and outs of why he was blind, who sinned how and where, and a systematic way of explaining what had happened, and then all the reasons why it was wrong for Jesus to heal him on the sabbath, the man exclaims, “i don’t know…but i know this; i was blind, and now i can see.”

..regardless of all the ways we dot our i’s and cross our t’s, the gospel prevails. justice & mercy for the poor and oppressed, the message of death & resurrection & new life and the ways of Jesus’ love and grace always seem to remain.

..many aren’t looking for others to tell them the right answers; they are looking for a tangible and meaningful connection with the Holy Spirit and that will be enough. they are looking for bread when they are hungry and shelter from the storm. they are looking for love & hope & peace in the midst of real life. they are seeking healing & change and connection with the living God.

i need a practical theology not a systematic one. i need a living Bible not just a “here’s-what-this-passage-means” one. i need to see hands & feets & hearts moving around me. i need to feel Jesus’ spirit & example move my hands & feet & heart in a practical way. i believe firmly and strongly this world doesn’t need more right words or right beliefs or right doctrine. i don’t think that will help us much. i don’t think it will change the world or help blind men see.

or will they know it because we—Christ’s body here on earth—touched them, loved them, cared for them when no one else seemed to."

From Kathy Escobar

She just knows how to say it. I just echo! This could have been titled also : "living out your theology"