27 August 2007

God is making a beautiful thing

..in the midst of all the pain. I know.

I just got home late last night, been with my brother's wife and my nieces. I love my nieces! Last night I was like, whaat? What shall I do now? You know, when you've spent all of last some days, intensively, with two wee ones, they've become ever more dear to you (And I spent now more time with them than ever before) - it's like, hey what now?!? Now I understand the parents who spend a lot of time with their kids, and then when they are not there for a moment you don't know what to do with yourself! (Even if you have missed spending some own time!) I just love these girls ever more dearly after our time spent together. I love them.

We went to this church yesterday, it's a church where my brother &his wife were wed. There was an intercession for the family, My brother's mum (who is not my mum) had asked for it. so we were all there.. Anyway, when we got back, Jessica's friends from the neighbour's was on the yard, and first thing whenJessica got out of the car she said to her friend "Guess where we were! we went to the church to pray for Daddy!", then came another girl out and again the first thing she said was
"Guess where we were! We went to the church to pray for Daddy!". And then came a third girl outside, and again she said the same thing "Guess where we were! We went to the church to pray for Daddy!" :-)

It was a new thing for her, and she spread the news.

I myself had, and have had, a huge need to to tell everyone. It is such a shocking thing I guess. Don't quite realise the fullness or the reality of it all. What, M., you are not coming back? You are not just on some work trip? That's what we all feel. Will take some time. But the kids make us to go on as well - you have to. But we are sad...

20 August 2007

Sad news

My brother died yesterday. He was only 39. I have let most of my friends know by now, but I wanted to tell about it in here too. He was on his way to pick up his daughters from grandparents yesterday afternoon on a motorcycle, and his wife was following 5 minutes after him with the car. This is our loved one. Besides his mum, dad, my older sister and me, there is especially his wife Kirsi and my two nieces Jessica, 6 and Erika, 1 left grieving. Please remember especially them in your prayers. Thanks for your prayers. God is with us, even in this difficult time, I know. We are loved by Him. But we miss you Mika. I miss you.

"Jesus wept."

But as Jessica said yesterday, daddy will always live in her heart.

12 August 2007

Kaikille asunnon etsijöille..

...palkkaisitko Wagnerin asunnon välittäjäksesi? =)

(Viivi ja Wagner, www.HS.fi, 11.8.2007)

09 August 2007

Fran Perea, Mi Corazon

I don't understand much of the lyrics :-) I did actually find this lyrics translator, but every few words were still in Spanish! Mi Corazon= my heart I believe. I like Fran Perea's stuff, one of my new finds.