27 October 2011

love just a little too much

Cause if I'm lost in the desert
I know somehow you'll find me
And if i drive in the ocean, you'll be
The first to rescue me
Its love and risk it all

I'd rather love just a little too much

Decisions, decisions

Hmm, I had trouble signing in to post this blog post, in fact my whole blog was not visible/to be found. I think it was just a trick from Google to get my phone number!! Grrrrr!!!


Here is a Cartoon from yesterday's paper:

It is Merkel and Sarkozy, and he says (for those of you who don't speak Finnish):
"We are about to reach a decision of the date when we'll gather to decide about when we'll make decisions."

European Union for ya.

21 October 2011

Something I always wonder..

"Jesus told a story of a man who was forgiven a huge debt. Enough to retire on. After he was released from his debt and left the courtroom he found a friend who owed him a little money. Enough for a coffee. His friend couldn’t pay. So he choked him."

From Nakedpastor today.  This is just the beginning of the post, check out the whole post with the cartoon!

18 October 2011

Love is thinking of others before yourself

I'll put you in front of me so everyone can see
My love, This is my love

17 October 2011

Sometimes you feel like this

But you got the love
I need To see me through
Sooner or later in life
the things you love you lose
But you've got the love
I need to see me through

It was amazing to see this performance at Glastonbury!! So awesome.

It's a beautiful Autumn day here! Beautiful Autumn.

My Saviour's love  Your love is real

16 October 2011

Everyone needs compassion

You're my Saviour // You can move the mountains
You are mighty to Save


08 October 2011

Kindred spirits

Beautiful photos by Jared Leto:

China from the air.

Seeing these here today made me think of....

By Mimosa:

Over Mallorca

Mallorcan Mountain range

Clearly kindred spirits, eh? ;) 

This trip took place back in 2008. I was a bit unwell, and look sooooo tired in the photos.. It was a research trip, very interesting. Feel somewhat pro now with regard to Mallorca. Ask me anything. Anyway, here's a few more photos to follow the first two:

My very first view of the island

More island from the air

Coming in at sunset

On the plane: Roxana, Alison and me
Straight to the beach!
Next morning: +20C or so.
Mallorcan agriculture...

...notice the terraces.

Due to Mallorca being a small island there's huge pressure on land use,
therefore they had to build these terraces to cultivate crops.

03 October 2011

Some thoughts on blogging and a little miracle

written on Monday, September 19th

Sometimes life is funny. This evening I was spesifically thinking of these girls

and these times

... my life at 1063 Sauchiehall Street three years ago. Vi, the blonder one is planning to come and visit me hopefully next month. And I was spesifically thinking of Karina (the dark one on the right), and thought "I should get in touch with her, and wonder how she's doing". Then I log on to Facebook and about exactly at the same time as I had been thinking of her, she had written a comment to Vi's page about our times together..!!! Love how these happen. Like a little miracle, makes  life feel so much more special. Sometimes a thought can travel through a thousand miles? Or a prayer. There's so much in the world that is unseen...But how lovely to think, that we were actually thinking of each other at the exact same time. That's a warming thought.

I miss these girls, and am thankful for my time in Glasgow and meeting all the lovely people I did - important ones to me. Lifelong friendships made.

Can you guess what our doorbell said..
This evening I am feeling thankful for all my friends. To all of you (or all three of you reading :)) I am very thankful. You know who you are! ;) I am glad of the blogosphere friendships I've made as well. I truly plan to visit Mrs. Kool one day. And she took part in an English class of mine last year!! Elina is definitely one of the special people met here, such a joy to know. She is a wonderful person! Onneli, who blogs in Finnish I met through blogosphere while she was living in Glasgow, and I was here. She's then written different blogs, and even visited me while I was in Glasgow, and she was in turn back in Finland :) 

Lots of other  lovely people I've come across blogosphere in my six years here. To begin with, very few Finns were blogging back in 2005, I started as I wanted to keep in touch with the "outside" world (outside Finland) and also to have a space to keep up English for me, to not to forget the language. And as said, I was really only mostly reading English-speaking blogs. It wasn't until 2008 that I found Finnish/Finnish speaking blogs. So many they were all of a sudden! Lots of other lovely peeps who shared my situation then: a Finn abroad. Eloveena from Istanbul, who doesn't blog openly anymore, has become a friend: I've met her aunt, grandmother, mother and father and been to their house. I interviewed her 100-year old grandma for my dissertation. (She passed away last year..)

All this through blogs!! So many lovely people I would have never come across.

Not to also forget Kathy Escobar's blog... and Timo of course.

So feeling thankful this week. Not a bad start to the week.

These photos were taken 14 February 2008 at 

02 October 2011

Saturday, October 1st

To continue, some images from around here, where I live :)
(taken with Nokia E52)

01 October 2011

Friday evening

September 30th. Nearly +20C. in Helsinki:

Last weekend of the "Summer" in Mattolaituri,
we made it there too. yey

A little duck family swimming by

The view from there

Bye bye Finland?

Towards opean seas...

In the Distance

Southern Helsinki life

Click on the photos to see them larger.