24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

to one and all! Ie. from me to you, through Jason Mraz (what a voice) & Voices of Prayze:

Happy Holidayz from Jason Mraz & The Voices of Prayze from Jason Mraz on Vimeo.

20 December 2009

My Redeemer

I like this song. "Cristo Redentor" by Arthur Netto.

Arthur Netto on myspace.


Wonderful Redeemer
Shepherd of my soul

Died to make me whole

That's who you are

Loving Abba Father
Closer than a brother
Unlike any other
That's who you are

You are my daily portion

My living fountain

My everything

You are

My Strength
My Refuge

My Hiding Place
You're all I need

*photo: Sweden, Stockholm, 2008

PS. Somehow I think the Portuguese version sounds a lot prettier.. I like it more. But unfortunately I cannot write it, therefore here the lyrics translated :)

12 December 2009

Kids and music

A little girl singing Mess of Me by Switchfoot :-)

:) Cuteness maximised!!

Kids can be amazing. And amazing how and what kind of different talents they have, and how you can see it sometimes from a very early age on. One of my nieces, she's 3 and a half, has an obvious talent for music and also an
amazing memory (on everything). She sings songs in tune and can remember amazing amount of lyrics. (Well, considering her age that she remembers at all!) And this was already visible a year ago. When she was 2 and a half! She has an amazing memory otherwise too. You can't fool her much! she remembers quite well things you've said ;) Especially if she has been promised ice cream for dessert after dinner - she's also a huge sweet tooth! She is also incredibly cute and lovely otherwise too, and amazes us often :) Her big sister (8) also likes music and dancing. They clearly come after their aunt! Must be in our genes :D

Here's another kid to finish this post - he's singing and playing Jason Mraz' I'm Yours! :)

04 December 2009

what is required

Jason Mraz sings "we sing.we dance.we steal things." Well, I "stole" this from Brian's blog. (Well I'm not really stealing as I acknowledge the source :)) Anyway, this is pretty good. Brian titled this "Call of duty" - the call and duty of a Christian (or a Christ follower):

"And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and
to love mercy and
to walk humbly with your God."

Micah 6: 7

06 November 2009

a dedicated life

You may choose to look the other way,
but you can never say you did not know"

- William Wilberforce

29 October 2009


One man and a guitar, this is what comes out. May I introduce a Finnish talent: Petteri Sariola

"It's [the song] about keeping your ground against suppressive opinions
because NOTHING is impossible.

Free your mind and your ass will follow."
(his own words)


You can hear more of his music at: www.myspace.com/petterisariola

I like pretty much all the songs (especially without you and release). The new album is on my to buy-list. He puts so much feeling, of himself into his playing!

PS. You can buy the cd here

05 October 2009

Ignite your bones

But if you never try you'll never know

Just what you're worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones

Official video: here

14 September 2009

I was blind but now I see

in my random thoughts this passage in john 9 came to mind, the story of the man who had been blind from birth but Jesus healed. i love this story because while the pharisees were trying to figure out the ins and outs of why he was blind, who sinned how and where, and a systematic way of explaining what had happened, and then all the reasons why it was wrong for Jesus to heal him on the sabbath, the man exclaims, “i don’t know…but i know this; i was blind, and now i can see.”

..regardless of all the ways we dot our i’s and cross our t’s, the gospel prevails. justice & mercy for the poor and oppressed, the message of death & resurrection & new life and the ways of Jesus’ love and grace always seem to remain.

..many aren’t looking for others to tell them the right answers; they are looking for a tangible and meaningful connection with the Holy Spirit and that will be enough. they are looking for bread when they are hungry and shelter from the storm. they are looking for love & hope & peace in the midst of real life. they are seeking healing & change and connection with the living God.

i need a practical theology not a systematic one. i need a living Bible not just a “here’s-what-this-passage-means” one. i need to see hands & feets & hearts moving around me. i need to feel Jesus’ spirit & example move my hands & feet & heart in a practical way. i believe firmly and strongly this world doesn’t need more right words or right beliefs or right doctrine. i don’t think that will help us much. i don’t think it will change the world or help blind men see.

or will they know it because we—Christ’s body here on earth—touched them, loved them, cared for them when no one else seemed to."

From Kathy Escobar

She just knows how to say it. I just echo! This could have been titled also : "living out your theology"

31 August 2009

health care

"the thing that makes me sad is how a reactionary capitalist mentality has flooded christianity. the mentality of be-prosperous-successful-take-care-of-me-and-my-family-only is more pervasive than we’d like to think."

Makes me sad too.

"Jesus calls us to care for the poor, the widowed, the orphaned, the rejected, the oppressed, the unprotected. what this means is we are supposed to give some of ours to help. we are supposed to make sacrifices that we don’t necessarily want to make but are wiling to because Jesus reminds us of that life-here-on-earth-is-not-about-gathering-wealth-and-taking-care-of-only-our-own-needs. it’s about sacrificial love. it’s about taking care of others needs. it’s about seeing gaps and filling them. it’s about humbling ourselves for the sake of others. it’s about offering our coats, our food, our hands and our feet in a tangible way even when it costs us time & money & energy.

when it comes to a christians’ response to health care, my take is that we should be leading the charge. we should share our resources. we should give a rip about our brothers & sisters who do not have what we have. Jesus called us to lay down our lives for our friends and i don’t believe he meant “ friends just like us.” i think he meant friends we might not see outside our living room window. we have a responsibility as Christ-followers to bring the kingdom of God here on earth—now. this means we will need to lay down our lives for others –men, women & children across all shapes & sizes & backgrounds—so that they can live.

God, give us eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to respond."

From Kathy Escobar

And just today I was complaining about the slowness of the Finnish Public Health care system.. in my home city in here (it depends on your location - varies). At least I have access..For a very low price - nearly free- and obviously if in an emergency have access straight away. So in time of need - I certainly have access. But it is impossible to get an appointment to see a GP (general doctor for my Finnish readers.. :)) quickly in this city. It annoys me - considering the NHS and the GP system in the UK - I am starting to love them! Even if not always I've thought my gp was the best, at least I get to see them sometimes straight away even (for I lived around the corner) or normally the next day or the day after that. That is good! And on the same day ALWAYS if in emergency. That's good service!! So aye aye for NHS Scotland!!! :-)

Obviously, if you've got the dough, you get to access a private doctor in Finland pretty quickly. Generally the quality of doctors in Finland has been good, but the speed of access is MUCH better in Scotland. And when it's health, you don't really want to wait around too long.

But to think - there are LOTS of people in this world without access, properly anyway or without leaving them crippled with debt.

22 August 2009

You are the one I want

Another beautiful Brooke Fraser:


When the years are showing on my face
And my strongest days are gone
When my heart and flesh depart this place
From a life that sung your song

15 August 2009

we belong

Oh can you feel the gravity falling, calling us home?
Oh, did you see the stars colliding, shining just to show we belong?
We belong.

It's love, it's love that holds us
We will be alright
It's truth, it's truth that shows us
If we'll walk in it's (his) light

Brooke Fraser: Deciphering me

the way of truth and love...higher way.

A friend of mine posted this video on facebook and reminded me of the song - Brooke's great. So I thought I'd share it here for you :-)

04 August 2009


Today this song was playing in my head:

love encounter...

and then when I went to see Nakedpastor's latest post,
this was there!


It's ALL about love. He IS love..

"God is love. Whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God in him."
1 John 4:16

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love."

1 John 4:7-8

God's love and ours

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

28 July 2009

24 July 2009


"So many of our human connections are superficial. During his short life on earth, Jesus spoke frankly about the shallow nature of those relationships. He knew that people’s loyalty to him often ran no deeper than a free meal of fish and bread, or the reality-show prospect of some miraculous spectacle.

But for Jesus, the concept of friendship was deadly serious.

“I command you to love each other in the same way that I love you,” he told his disciples. “And here is how to measure it—the greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends.”

I marvel at what those statements really mean. I’ve held nothing back, Jesus seems to say. I’ve told you things that, until now, only my Father and I knew. I’m about to face a challenge you can’t comprehend, to go where you cannot follow, and yet I’m taking the time to tell you this: You are my friends.

And one more thing. “You didn’t choose me,” Jesus concluded. “I chose you.”

As my best friend who lives on this planet, I’m glad Lori chose me. True friendship is precious, beyond knowing."

Excerpt from "Thankful for true friendship" in Walk with me

17 July 2009

Giving and Receiving

Summer evening sky in Lahti, Finland July 09

"Y’know, sometimes the generosity of another can be quite overwhelming, but it is a good thing to practice receiving. Without people on the receiving end, there would be no givers. Every person is vital to the flow. A friend in need is a friend indeed. If this confuses your humble self, just say thank you and take the present without telling yourself you don’t deserve it. Society has a way of fooling you into feeling small or less-than if you find yourself at the receiving end of someone’s kindness. I have friends that hate when I pay for things. But I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for the kindness of those friends through the years; those who loaned me their cars, allowing me to sleep on their couch for years without paying rent, taking me to movies, feeding me, smoking me out, etc. These days, supporting someone else’s journey is more than my karmic duty. It is my greatest pleasure. Even if my contribution is just one meal, it uplifts me to fill the belly of another to fuel their continued travels. If we all Give what we Get then there will always be plenty for everyone to enjoy at just the right time. These days I’m still at the gaping end of a horn-o-plenty so it’s easy to share the wealth. The goods just keep falling into my lap. But, while every gift has a good intention it’s hard to accept “stuff” when on the move. I rarely buy “things” on the road. Words and pictures make the best souvenirs for any adventure. Just press a flower into a notebook and call it a day."

- Jason Mraz

From Freshness Factor Five Thousand

Check out also: The Story of Stuff

Share the wealth.

14 July 2009

True freedom and equality

..Could also be called the heart of Jesus.

Kathy Escobar's got it again!

I pretty much agree.

PS. It's my birthday tomorrow!! yey :)

02 July 2009


A friend of mine sent me this video a few days ago. I think it is cute! It(the song) has got nice atmosphere. Lightness to it. Have to say it is completely opposite of me and my feelings today! So, especially a perfect day to post something like this :)

27 June 2009

Never too late

The video is not amazing, but just listen to the song and lyrics!

From Glastonbury 2009

It's never too late to start over
I'm givin these bones a try
Wherever is home the heart is

It's never too late to walk away

It's never too late to jump out
I'm teaching myself to fly

Though the road is long
Carry on
Carry on
Be a Phenomenon
Carry On

It's never too late to start
You're never too old to try
Wherever is home the heart is
And my heart's inside

Its never too late to save
the only life you can save
Its never too late to save
the only life you can save

Keep Hope and Carry On

Awesome!! Last year this time I was in the UK and watching Glastonbury on BBC. This year I am in Finland and unable to watch BBC iPlayer ;( so I just googled to see if there'd be any of it where-else but - youtube. :)

love the message in this song
- and had to put it somewhere. It's kind of for me here :) I think it's a new song- hope you enjoy it too and it speaks to you. It is very apt and timely for me for sure!

21 June 2009

You're one of a kind

The Beauty In Ugly

well if you wanna get free
and if you wanna do the passionate thing
and if you wanna get smart for the sake of your heart
you should own your name and stand up tall
and get real and see the beauty in ugly
and see the beauty in ulgy

well you are fresh, you're face is fabulous
don't forget you're one of a kind

18 June 2009

Let your soul be a speakerbox

"Go outside, to the fields, enjoy nature and the sunshine, go out and try to recapture happiness in yourself and in God. Think of all the beauty that's still left in and around you and be happy!"

- Anne Frank

the offical video if you prefer

Just let your soul be your speakerbox

You got the keys right in your hand
Open the locks and do your thing
Let your soul be a speakerbox
There’s beat in your heart, don't hesitate
Just let it play

09 June 2009


"One of the things I appreciate about my friends and colleagues in the [missional] movement is that we graciously receive adjustment, challenges, and fresh thinking from one another. No one is defensive about it as we all realize that none of us sees the entire picture fully or clearly. So we learn from one another and engage in robust conversation sometimes."

- Frank Viola (@Grace's blog)

There was actually an interesting discussion on what was/is God's original eternal purpose and mission..That it started before the fall of man. If interested, go check it out from the above link. (as my quote above really had nothing to do with that particular topic)

07 June 2009

Let's Pray for Europe!

A call to pray from Pete Greig, leader of 24-7 Prayer

And today I am voting in the Finnish European Parliament Elections! I love that I get to vote (to have that right, I appreciate it) - in my small way I get to say what I think, and to have a voice. It's an important spread of power that too. The option could be that we'd have no say whatsoever - that the leaders be chosen only by an elite or that there'd be e.g. absolute monarchy.

My sentimentalism could do with the fact that I have just been concentrating on studying Finnish history and in our lectures we just went through the time we got the general vote.. It's only just over 100 years old now! (1907) It is just something I appreciate.

PS Some links in Finnish on voting:

Naisten täydet poliittiset oikeudet (you can get this one in English too)

16 May 2009

Eurovision time!

It's Eurovision night again! I thought I'd post my most memorable songs.

First my utmost favourite, Ireland 1996 Eimear Quinn & "The Voice":

I even found the single for this back in '97 and can sing it heart out.

Poland 1997. Anna Maria Jopek "Ale Jestem" (The lyrics were really nice, though I don't the Polish ones understand, but we had the subtitles..)

There's been some other good ones (let's face it most of it is pretty camp!) but those have stayed with me the most. There were quite a few yrs I didn't watch it at all...

This is my absolute Finnish favourite though ;-)

(Vicky Rosti and "Sata Salamaa"..means hundred lightnings... :))

PS. Check out the outfits of these girls ;) Oh yes, Finland has certainly sent some "good" music over the yrs...

09 May 2009

Mighty to Save

In Finland just now. This song reminds me of Glasgow and makes me miss people and all back home there! And I've only been gone a few days. Hehe :-)

I didn't know that this girl also was the one who wrote Indescribable!

21 April 2009

Recommended for me :)

I opened youtube and it recommended e.g the following videos for me ;)

Colors of the Wind

Check out this better version, it is slightly longer and with subtitle. I just wasn't able to embed this one. It could be used in the postcolonial theory course even to illustrate postcolonial thought (ps. not the best of links that one, but gives at least some image), has postcolonialism's elements (who actually is the civilized one? and illustrates the westerners attitudes..that still abide largely in us today underneath, sometimes we are not even aware how "colonial" our minds are.. Now there's some postcolonial theory 101 for you! lol..) in it! = me likes. :)

Youtube also thinks I speak Spanish.

Can you feel the love tonight

1000 things

(haha very "surprisingly" there was a Jason Mraz there, hehe)

This was also linked, it's actually quite a nice song: I'll do anything

And Little Mermaid!

03 April 2009

yes please

one of the things that makes me the most sad about the world & the church is our natural tendency toward homogeneity. it is easier to hang around people who look and think and act like us.

The biggest thing that was missing in our life for a long time was diversity. diversity ...that provide texture and depth to our lives together. we really were in the “land of everyone who looks and thinks is basically just like us.

but i also believe that we are a long way off from the kind of connection and inclusion and togetherness as God’s family that would more accurately reflect the kingdom of God.

- kathy escobar

I love diversity. And I think we are called to something so much more! "Different" can be a scary thing, because it's --different!-- but it won't be so scary once you get to know it. But you gotta give it a chance first, and be open for it.. erilaisuus on rikkautta.

yes please: to diversity and heterogeneity. aina se missä aita on matalin ei ole se mikä on antoisin.

02 April 2009

Bullying and Intervention to it

I watched an interesting programme on Yle Teema (A Finnish tv channel) yesterday about bullying in schools and how a school in Norway had tackled that problem. It was really good! They had started using Erling Roland's methods to tackle bullying. And truly all the children and the school community seemed a lot happier there! The involvement of parents and everyone sounded very good. They have zero tolerance at the school for bullying. They encourage the pupils (and parents) to tell of anything they see. And it is not labelled as tale-telling. They create an atmosphere where everyone feels they can speak up/speak out and bring forth how they feel and experience things. The adults are more involved in the children's world during break times. They mix older kids with younger ones, so the younger ones can rely on older kids and older pupils know they are needed. They want everyone to know they are important and valued.

Also, they have a rule that there is no excluding of anyone. Everyone is to be included in games in the yard for example. It is not allowed to not include someone, take someone with you. Kaikki tulee ottaa leikkiin mukaan.

When I was watching this I could not help but think about Church(es) and how those communities function in general. Or could be work places. Any human communities. In these places sometimes the school rules could still abide! I thought the communication aspect was awesome. In the small girl's groups everyone could share how they felt and how certain behaviour by other people made them feel. It was important to communicate! That way we can learn to understand and learn ways to work/communicate together. Everyone's feeling and thoughts were important and valued and listened to. (This doesn't mean in general I think that whenever someone says "i don't like that" you go and please them and do as they want - but communication gives a basis for understanding and compromises, being heard and listened to is healing and important.)

You can watch it in here: Opettaja.tv

It's in English/Norwegian with Finnish subtitles. 27 minutes.

Bullying in Schools: How successful interventions can be? (Erling Roland co-author of article)

01 April 2009

Rise Up

Prayer for the G20 meeting tomorrow in London

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.” (Isaiah 60:1-3 NIV)

Father, we stand before you in prayer as the global economic crisis casts a shadow over the peoples of the earth. We have been reminded that in a world as closely connected as ours, each of our actions affects the whole. We are sorry when we have failed to act beyond our narrow interests.Help us to live as a community and care for others, especially the vulnerable and the poor amongst us.

As the G20 meet, we ask for wisdom for the leaders of the world. Where nations have pushed their agendas on others; bring partnership and love. Where people have lived their lives disconnected from their brothers and sisters in other countries; bring solidarity and compassion.Where efforts for good have been frustrated; bring breakthrough. May we see the dawning of a new world, with your values at its heart: a world of justice, mercy
and humility.

Lord,we thank you for the promises which governments have already made in the Millennium Development Goals because we know their power to lift millions of people out of poverty.May that same spirit of global partnership be evident at the G20,may the poor not be forgotten in the midst of crisis. Father, help us to rise up. For who will raise a voice and reach out a hand to conform this world more to your plan, if not us your

As your Church worldwide let us rise up – in prayer, in speaking out and in demonstrating your way of life – that out of the ruins of this current crisis might rise up a hope for a better world.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

written by Joel Edwards, International Director of Micah Challenge

29 March 2009

Spread power, Give voice , Include

"Re-producing" from Kathy Escobar once again :)

the “power people” were nowhere to be found. i believe this is a huge call to all of us who have some form of power, whether that be as a leader, a benefit of white privilege, because of money or education or a variety of other things that give us leadership & value & voice that some of our friends don’t have. will we use our power on behalf of those who have none? i believe the world, the church, would be a vastly different place if those in power didn’t separate from those without it.

“when we are silent we stand on the side of the oppressor.” strong statement. i know that it is often no one’s direct intention, but i believe that silence is not neutral. ..their silence means that they are agreeing with an oppressive system. when we allow our brothers & sisters to live in substandard housing, be stripped of their dignity and constantly silenced and pushed down because they are victims of race, class, gender and a variety of other discriminations and obstacles against them, standing by and observing their plight instead of doing anything about it means we are actually agreeing with the system that oppresses them. that’s one worth thinking about.

but i do believe that a wild and crazy intentional movement of a spirit of generosity sparked by God’s call to love can (change the world).

as Christ followers i believe we are not supposed to keep a cool, professional, sanitized distance from pain. as God’s heart breaks for his people, ours does, too.

“the kingdom of God isn’t just going to drop out of the sky .” we are Jesus’ hands, feet, heart, eyes, ears, mouth. but to love our neighbor tangibly because he deeply loves them; his actual physical hands, feet, heart, eyes, ears, mouth are no longer here, but ours (Jesus incarnate in us) are. a spiritual thought does not bring the kingdom of God to earth, but a spiritual action does.

the sum total of lots and lots of hands and feet and hearts and eyes and ears and mouths can change the world.

26 February 2009

What is love? Baby don't hurt me..

:-) Couldn't help it, with the first three words ,that just started playing in my head. :) I've not been blogging much as I've not had my usual access to internet.. But stay tuned, there's plenty more to come!
This is from Ella's blog (and you can read the whole thing there), I thought it was so good that I'd post it here too.

Perfect love casts out all fear.
What is love?
To me it is all about acceptance
and commitment.

I know who you are
and I still,
and because of that
choose to love you.
I am committed to you
and would not go away
no matter what.

It's more than a feeling.