26 February 2006

Some Dreams

I would like to work heresome day in the future maybe ... maybe!http://www.dfid.gov.uk/aboutdfid/

I'm just a girl..standing in front of a boy...Yaaaaah, when the time is right... :)

15 February 2006

make me an expression of you

Expressions of Your glory
Expressions of Your heart
In all You are
You speak to us
Expressions of Your love

.. Rebecca St. James &
Chris Tomlin

here "Expressions of your love"

12 February 2006


These are the latest tunes that get me singing moving grooving and worshiping! It's PAUL WRIGHT. Absolutely love these tunes !!! Just ask Leena how many times she has had to listen to them + me singing along today...Hehe.
Especially "Sunrise to Sunset",
"Sky Falling Down",
"Take This life" and
"Your love never changes".
Words cannot describe how quickly you should click the left hand corner of your mouse and hear these hope - filled tunes yourself..
Here, Click away honeys!!!

I am in H e a v e n . Heaven. Heaven. Life is not such a serious business! Reminds me of that Daniel Powter song "Bad Day" ..I love that attitude. Relax! Take it easy! Walk away from it! It's not so bad after all. And remember where to keep your eyes fixed.. Take a step away and try to look at things from a different perspective!

Oh how I love finding music that lits it up inside of me.

I feel aaaaaaaaaaaaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

Yeah You Love me
Just the Same
'Cos Your Love Never Changes
Yeah you Love me
Just the Same
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Every Day

Thanks Paul for being a Vessel!