31 March 2008

I'll be there

Drive by Incubus

Whatever tomorrow brings

I'll be there

With open arms and open eyes

10 March 2008

Lose myself

I don't always feel like this, but I could do more often. Today I feel happy. I love the song, it is full of LIFE and passion!

Saturate my life
Fill every part of me with you
Drown me in your love
Let me lose myself in you

Jeff Deyo, "Lose Myself"

I don't want to lose the sight of this, the fact that "He who has the Son, he has LIFE." God is GOOD, peeps! This video is certainly reminding me of what I HAVE. What I already own, already have. In Him. How is it that sometimes it's so easy to lose the sight of that in the weary times of life? I am so tired of looking at the cup half empty. He is my calm in the midst of storms, my JOY. And He helps me see all the good things around me, all the good things in my life, all the things to be thankful for.

Joyous expectance of good things to come. That's hope. For nothing is impossible to Him! (Mark 10:27) The Joy of the Lord is my Strength :)