30 September 2011

Light into darkness

This story is amazing! How innovative and hope-giving this Friday. See how a Soda bottle becomes a light bulb: 

Hope we find new ways to let light in. Even in those situations where it feels hopeless, and impossible (like in this one - can't afford windows, there's no electricity..)  and you feel like you're in darkness with no hope. There's always a way.

I pray God blesses these people.

28 September 2011

How I need you

Found this song today, it struck me!

Although it is this version here by Matt Maher that struck me (couldn't find it on youtube).

 And when I cannot stand I'll fall on You
Jesus, You're my hope and stay

09 September 2011

Made for more

But you know you're made for more,
so don't be afraid to move
Your faith is all it takes,
and you can walk on the water, too

Step out, even when it's storming

Step out, even when you're broken
Step out, even when your heart is telling you
Telling you to give up

Your faith is all it takes,
and you can walk on the water, too

Britt Nicole, Walking on water.

Also I want to post this, Phil Wickham with "Safe"

You will be safe in his arms
So hear Him now He's calling you home

Whoah, this week has gone by in a flash but also been very full, just workwise. Full and/but good. I almost ended up in the news (for two seconds) but only my colleagues then (for those two split seconds).. I stood behind the cameras ;) To be honest - they weren't filming us, just the Prime Minister..

Weekend is here! Have a happy one! I'm hopefully going to the woods tomorrow, and picking some lingonberries... :)

07 September 2011

Last Sunday

Lahti Harbour

Little boat going away...

Little Vesijärvi (= Water lake) park - people go jogging etc..
Lahti for you

This little guy seemed a bit lost (but then actually flew away)

A peek to my balcony

flowers a bit closer...
The View From Here

02 September 2011

I need a pair of these

Please excuse the quality of these - they were taken with my mobile. Yes, the weather's been a lot like that in Finland :/

I've been off work today as I'm down with a cold/flu (something like that). I was at work on Thursday though already had a very sore throath and one of my colleagues asked me "so why are you here??" Ive had head ache for three days this week.. Today being the worst. Felt like crying. The medicine has kicked in now, so I don't feel as horrible as I have all day.  I'm even online! (though I probably shouldn't, but I'm a little bored..) Only a few hours ago I felt like crying for mommy. You know the feeling. I just hope I am well by Monday as I was just off work for four days only LAST week due to another illness - jeez!! But there seems to be this flu/cold wave already going on in Finland - so many people I know are ill, facebook also telling of others.. already now, and it's only been end of August/beginning of September? We're all falling ill already?? And I am sad to add myself to those numbers. I saw last weekend  too many people who were, had been, or were going to be sick. Guess it was due to come :/

Anyway, what a long babble about that.

I went rollerblading after a loooooooong while the other week.

Some scenery along the way...
random field

Yes I live in a city - you may not believe from these pictures but that's Finland for you :) These are the outskirsts though I must admit. Though it's only some kilometres from my house, right near the centre..
Ok, it's not that big of a city, just 100 000 people.. But this is what I love about here - the closeness of nature.

Here's what the sky looked like from my balcony that eve:

Now my head is telling me I was stupid to ever open the computer and definitely need to go to sleep. Ouch. (Yesterday I fell asleep straight from work, before 7p). Hoping for a better day tomorrow... Blessings to you!