21 July 2010

In Honour of Summer...

Summer of Love 2010!

Here's my playlist. :-)

the ultimate and best summer song ever... my favourite

How easy to feel light and happy when it is light (and doesn't get dark at all), blue skies and sunny! It's been beautiful so far. Summer makes me feel happy and thankful for life, especially when it is continually sunny and around +30C. Easy to be in good spirits.

Enjoy life my friends!

Don't give up

Apparentily you can grow to like a song when you hear it often enough. My radio really only plays this one channels I probably wouldn't listen to much. And that radio station plays this song a lot. (They do also play this one, which I don't mind ü) This is one of those. I don't like when I hear it millionth time on the radio, but somehow I like this video, there's something in it that moves me!

Just don't give up I'm workin it out
Please don't give in, I won't let you down

09 July 2010

Coming up!

Just as a little side note, wanted to put up here what's ahead (maybe to remind myself the most): I have in my mind to post about Finnish balconies... (yes, you heard right ;)) and about Linkin Park. So that's what to wait! Don't have time to write these just yet. Officially on hols, but a lot to do..

Friends of mine (Finn-Brit couple) have moved to be my next door neighbours, literally. What a blessing! And a lovely surprise to come home to after I had been away for two weeks. Anyway, I want to share a a funny moment.

I was over at theirs for a coffee one morning a few days ago, and was explaining something, looking for the right word, itdidn't come to mind straight away... at first I said "valuable" to which Paul nodded "ohh yes" (as in understanding what I meant), to which I was no, no..a few moments of more thinking I finally got the right word: valid.

"Ohh haven't been speaking English for awhile, takes me to find words for a bit", I said.
To which Paul replied:
"Clearly neither have I".

LOL. And he
is English. And he doesn't speak Finnish (much). Hehe. Funny. Valuable and valid, they are pretty close? ;)

It was too early in the morning, we concluded.

It's amazing that they live here too.. Of all places in this city flat next to mine. Paul and I worked together last winter too. They are also one of the few people who visited me in Glasgow in my last leg there. I said nice that you guys missed me so much you had to move next door... ;D I am amazed at this, and blessed. I will live from this for the next month. :)

Live Love Laugh!

That's what my first birthday card said that arrived in the post this week. I'm turning 30 next week! Yikes! When did I get this "young"? Where did the decade go? :-)

06 July 2010

We cry out

↲ This was playing in my head this eve. "We cry out" by Kim Walker &co (Jesus Culture) in Bethel, Redding California.