29 November 2005

If you ever find yourself in Glasgow..

Do not miss this place! Battlefield Rest in the South Side. My absolutely favorite restaurant in the world, it's about time I give you some space in my blog. Ohh how I miss this one -

Chicken Battlefield Rest:

Collops of Chicken breast with Goats cheese, white wine, coriander and Parma ham

It's simply the best meal in the world!

17 November 2005

Another good quote

"Never explain yourself.
Your friends don’t need it
and your enemies won’t believe it."
( ~Belgicia Howell)

It's Snowing!

Yey! It was snowing today! Not very much.. but at least, some! Here's hoping for winter! And some blue sky too, merci beaucoup!

"A friend is someone
who knows
the song in your heart
and can sing it
back to you
when you have
forgotten the words."
One of my all time favorite quotes that one. GOD IS GOOD folks! :-)

14 November 2005


"Älä kulje perässäni,
en ehkä pysty
näyttämään suuntaa.
Älä kulje edelläni,
en ehkä pysty
Kulje vierelläni
ja ole

"Ne joiden välillä on todellinen side, eivät ole riippuvaisia yhteydenpidosta.
Kun he kohtaavat vuosien erossa olon jälkeen, heidän ystävyytensä on yhtä luja kuin aikaisemminkin."

Bible on friendship
Proverbs 18:24
Proverbs 27:19

03 November 2005

This week

God has been just filling my week. Awesome. I'm tired but happy!

I've ended up actually not having a week off, but I've been spending some of it with little darlings that I love to be with..Teo, Anna and Elina. Now tell me, can a day start better than a 3-year old saying to you three times at about 7am "Mimoooooosa, sÄ OOT ihana!". (You should hear him say that, it's pretty special!) Maybe I'll put up a photo follow later on of these darling buds!


02 November 2005

Back to a Familiar place

I seem to have a lot of things to say these days. Well, Barry Adams did pray for freedom of expression to me on saturday.. so Here we go! :) I could've actually titled this post as "Surprises Continued" or " A day in the life". The surprises have just kept coming. Thank you Daddy! I love surprises! He really speaks my language. Well, this surprise had a hilarious edge to it actually.

So here's what happened to me yesterday. We had the leadership school (the cell-leaders training I am on), as usual on tuesdays. When I got to Mauno's and Anna-Liisa's place, I was like "hey! why are you all outside? Something special on?!" And turns out we were going to travel the lovely ride of 25 km south to Orimattila to meet at Jorma's and Anita's place (who, btw, practically live in the middle of woods!) instead of theirs. I had totally forgotten! Or to be more exact: I had no clue we had agreed to do this! Luckily I had managed to arrange to go on somebody's lift though. I was trying my best, and usually I have a really good memory, but just couldn't recollect any of it! I do remember us talking about it, but I thought we would do it sometime later. There was no "ahh ohh yes NOW I remember!" Nope, not there! And because I usually express my thoughts and wonderings out loud when I find something to be hilarious, it lead to Mauno wondering whether I actually listen the teaching in the school! (I do!) But I even remember leaving on the same door opening as Jorma and Anita, and what normally would happen is that somebody would say "See you next time at your place then!" Well anyways, there was really no harm done, I just simply thought this was rather hilarious and funny!

And why it was a nice surprise, is BECAUSE Orimattila is where I'm from. My hometown where I grew up in. Nice 20 years spent there! A bit of my heart still beats there, I guess. It was nice to be back. I don't go that often...even if it is really not that far. But yeah, it was a great place to grow up in! Lots of room for dreams. God really knows where He places us. Now, if you had asked me 5 years ago I was just dying to get out of there, but a few years abroad gives one nice perspective! (not that I'd necessarily move back or anything..maybe this is close enough!)