25 January 2013

At the beginning of 2013

N.B. Wrote this already a couple of weeks ago, but as publishing now shows today's date...

A Change is gonna come

I have this urge inside of me for change. For some while already, but it is stirring stronger today. I'm somewhat fed up with "what's always been" or yesterday. I have a need to go forward. Want to go forward. Urge to go forward. To make a new path.

A song by Great Wide North started to play in my head "a change is gonna come!"

So here's to 2013! - and for a year of CHANGE.

I'm already planning some trips too. Within Finland I want to go visit friends who lived a bit further away for my "skiing" holiday :) now in the Winter. And I'm thinking of Scotland in May. That's how far I've gotten. (May) London would be nice too... Summer holidays are still open. But it's nice to plan a bit of the year ahead - just came quite naturally.

Other plans for this year include starting a Method Putkisto Pilates course and water running (recommended by my physiotherapist, and luckily some of my friends also already do this!). I'd love to do Irish dancing, but I don't like the teacher where I'd be able to do it plus my legs/feet can't take it. I may skip ballet also for pilates. Want to try it out, and time is limited. (When you spend approx./at least 55 hrs a week for work with all the commuting). Also maybe finally I get to refresh my French skills at a language class??

There are also some other plans, but some too personal to share.

I like beginnings. Things of something new.

That's why Mondays are my favourite days. Fresh starts.

Grace is something so wonderful. It's a fresh start.

'Cause you gotta lay your whole life down to follow Christ
And He's looking for a people who're willing
to live in a change

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